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...and it looks like this from the back:


My new single 'Escape Return' is now available as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl.

Listen from the comfort of your own home how the space ark escapes.......... aaaand returns smile

Check it out here!

Peace to to all the chipluverz and bit crunchers around the globe and elsewhere!



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who would have thought... the I finally releases some stuff (next month) on Bleepstreet Records...


stay cool people and funk the database

Indeed, I logged in here to post about the ST4 project and saw it has been posted already, cheers RJL!

Currently we're discussing a DIY version of the synth at a much lower price, stay tuned (like my YM2149).



My EP elements was originally recorded on cassette tape:
It was done as a first experiment and without a very professional approach, back then I wasn't too satisfied...

For another project i had a Revox G36 tube stereo tape recorder from 1969, that i still want to fix for that purpose.

Between 2004 and 5 i released 3 chiputune mixtapes with homebrew music, which were designed for 60 minute casette tape.
It sounded good, so far only about 5 of them made it to the local record store, but i believe there were some bootlegs around too smile


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gwEm, atm I'm actually using your maxYMiser for exactly that task.
I haven't implemeted all controllers yet, but sure can give you some feedback in near future about eventual timing issues.
we can talk about it next weekend in germany i guess..

as an idea for what jefftheworld tries to do.
perhaps its interesting to run 2 ataris, one for MIDI control with monitor / sequencer, the other as a YM module, running maxYMiser without monitor. but then again i'd rather go for something like renoise etc. to give the MIDI


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on that note:
http://networkawesome.com/2012-4-29/the … music-1986


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jefftheworld wrote:

I'd prefer to find a tracker-style program that could send MIDI-out (maxymiser only seems to allow MIDI-in and clock-out) and in a perfect world I could also use channels 'internally' with the YM chip, allowing me to combine the sounds from both units.

Any recommendations along those lines?

Want to have the cake and eat it too? smile
I've been looking for something like that myself many years ago.
MIDI out is not implemented in Musicmon and probably never will.

The ST is still a workwhorse when it comes to MIDI sequencing, most sequencers require high resolution though (you have the monochrome monitor?). If it's just for the MIDI sequencing, I'd have a look at Notator too, older versions had nice tracker-like alpha-numeric interface.



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blastermaster84 wrote:

But there seems to be NOT ONE good software for this purpose.....

Read below.

blastermaster84 wrote:

as the Atari ST has midi in, and there are TONS of different trackers and other shit I dont care about it's really very disappointing that there seems to be no realtime chip synth for Atari ST beneath crap like "Chip Synth" that has only 1 voice a time and some crappy sub-osc.


blastermaster84 wrote:

So I hope I'm just an idiot who doesnt get it or I simply haven't found the right software yet. If not this world is really a stupid place


There are currently 2 softwares you should try, both work perfectly for that purpose and are available for free on dhs.nu

maxYMiser 1.29

You will need to investigate some time to learn the sound editor, but it's totally worth it. There are a few tutorials and demo tracks that come with maxYMiser. This program does let you play all 3 YM channels plus 2 DMA channels via MIDI at once and you even have most parameters available as MIDI CC! Moreover this sofware can run without monitor.

Stop wining and RTFM:

Musicmon 2.5e

Is the quicker and easier solution solution, but does not support STE/Falcon DMA voice. However you have 3 MIDI channels available to play the 3 YM channels at once and 2 more for DIGIDRUM samples on channel 1 and 2. The sound editor is straight forward and awesome too.

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