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This is awesome. Thanks!

All set guys, it was the link cable, thanks for the help!

That diagram did the trick.

No, it's the pre-built kitch x Xiwi, I just got it the other day.

My cable was built by a friend, I trust him, but I think I might take a look just to make sure.

Yeah I've tried that, no good. AB locks up, gameboy acts just fine, but still no midi out or led flashes.

Both haha. As far as I can tell lsdj is functioning as it should, it's the arduino that's having trouble.

I'm basically in the same spot as Timbob.

Master sync works, but when I try to set everything midi out I get the exact same issues he shows above, my lsdj doesn't crash that hard though, it just locks up until I unplug it from the AB. Hardware wise everything should be cool, I've tried different gameboys and the AB is a brand new kitsch x Xiwi.

I'm having this exact same problem with my Xiwi Arduinoboy! Any luck?

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*Theory Hero*

hahaha smile Nah, I'm not saying theory is essential. But there's a difference between saying theory is not essential, and calling it bullshit. Seeing as theory is nothing more than the analysis of existing music, calling it bullshit is pretty close to calling music itself bullshit.

Think of it as science. Whether you understand why tides roll or not won't stop them from doing it for a very specific and explainable reason. We were sailing across the globe centuries before we understood how the tides work. And that's quite fine. All you really need is a pair of eyes to see if there's enough water in front of you to sail your boat in. If you sail often enough, you'll notice patterns. You'll know the tide is high at certain moments, and low at others. You'll know this with enough confidence to predict when sailing a particular place is safe or not. That's where the large majority of musicians are. They don't know the exact science behind it, but they're confident enough in the patterns they've observed to predict some things. If what you want to do is sail your boat around, content to know that the tide is high at a certain moment, or low at another then hey...sail away! But it doesn't mean that people who studied this academically and figured out that it was the gravitational pull of other celestial bodies just wasted their time. Yknow.. whatever floats your boat (see what I did there?) But scientific knowledge of the tides made fishing more efficient. Made sailing easier and safer. Made it possible to create the Panama canal, etc.

Not caring about theory, I can live with, seeing as it's pretty much how I function myself. But disregarding it as pointless is simple ignorance.

Word. I'm all for ignoring/breaking some 'rules', but of you know and understand what those rules are and why they're there, I think you can bend and break them much more effectively.

n00bstar wrote:
bitjacker wrote:

I am under the impression that ear training  and sight singing would help you. theory is not relevant unless you wanna copy or perform other peoples music. problem is that theory is intertwined. writing down ideas can be done in other ways than notes on a paper. do you have a voice recorder? they are cheap ($40 for a sony that will capture at 128)... hum your thought-tunes into it. this is where ear training will help you (like minor 2nd is jaws song)
if its all too much too fast, a tascam  guitar trainer can slow down mp3's so you can try to pound out the notes on an instrument.
theory will try to tell you that a semitone under an octave needs to go up. i say bull sh*t. Its time to stop sounding like beethoven already.
No matter what, expect to put time into learning. learn what is useful. learning key signatures might just be a waste of time if  your intent is to never read sheet music, but compose in trackers.


Also if you wanna be good at hockey, fuck the rules. They say the puck goes in the net, I say bull sh*t. Its time to stop playing like the Habs already. Learning the rules might just be a waste of time if your intent is to never play in an arena, but play hockey outside.

This level of stupidity can't be natural, you've clearly trained for years to achieve this. Theory is not relevant unless you want to copy other people. Words fucking fail me.

Please mister jacker, do show us your music. Try as I might no amount of Google magic returns any result.

*Theory Hero*

I kind of look at it like a foreign language. While you can usually find a way to get your point across, if you know the ins and outs of said language you'll much better equipped to fully articulate and express yourself. So, no, you don't need theory to write/perform, and at the end of the day if your happy with how your material sounds more power to you. But, there are definitely aspects that require an understanding of things you might not put together on your own, or rather you can save yourself a bunch of time because someone's already figured those things out for you, you just need to learn how to apply it.


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Reharmonizing and changing the form of your melodies can help you stretch material a bunch without sounding too repetitive, and like others mentioned, passing lines between different voices works well too.

Try seeing if you can fit your melody over a different set of chords, or maybe start the melody on the dominant rather than the tonic!


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Thanks a bunch guys! I'm still pretty new to both of these programs so it's nice to hear I'm not doing it totally wrong! I'm a few years into nanoloop. so expect some lsdj+nanoloop stuff in the future.

The album art is recycled from an older project! As small as it is, this release got put off way longer than it should have and once I had the music done I just kind of rushed everything else.

Well, no one mentioned Nanoloop yet...it probably isn't as well-suited for transcribing your scores ( space is an issue, compared to lsdj) but it's great if you have any step-sequencer experience.

Also, I'm in the area as well.


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Hey guys, first release for this project, which also marks my first attempts at both LSDJ and LGPT!

https://satisfactron.bandcamp.com/album … ng-buttons


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Hey gang,
I've been here before on and off, blah blah. Here's what I've been working on lately.

I usually work in nanoloop with some synced volcas, but I've been working on learning lgpt.