Yeah, i've waited for 2 iterations actually, but the test didn't output anything besides mbc version.
I also tried comparing the lsdj rom before loading and after dumping, and they are no different.

Hey, i've got a similar problem!
I recently got a rev 05 gbc and planned to make a sound mod on it. I have an ems 64m cart too.
LSDJ gets stuck testing ROM while performing a cartridge test.
So far i've tried re-inserting the SRAM battery on the cart, uploading different roms to it, and using different banks on the cart.
It runs small roms fine. Saving seems to work too. I did saving using chord by humbletune.
Running lsdj (8.3.4) on bank 1 gets it stuck on rom testing. On bank 2 the same rom got me a don't panic screen (see spoiler).
I also tried running newer lsdj version (8.5.1): bank 1 gives the same results, and bank 2 passes the rom test and stops at sram testing instead.
I also tried loading different roms such as tetris dx or smb deluxe, they both don't work. Tetris dx loops the sound of starting the game each time i press start or A though.
I tried running the original gameboy test cart rom. It worked fine and all tests were passed.
I also have nanoloop mono cart, which runs without any issues..

I have a spare gbc that runs everything fine. The point is that this 'faulty' one has a newer revision.
Btw i checked the cart using a ROM nitro2k01 sent here, and it says MBC5.


(on a sidenote it seems to me that the problems here are in the gameboy rather than in the cartridge..)


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After some update my cart stopped booting and i've "started original version" as described here.
Now the boot sequence starts with a falling rectangle (as if there weren't any cart inside at all) and on startup it says my nl version is 1.0.6
I don't know whether the following "bugs" are a result of an update or they were present before, but i didn't notice
1) if some step has some value in rightmost position and you change its step pause, the parameter value will decrease as soon as you release A
2) For example you have two patterns, length=16 steps, one of them is /2. The slower one will change its "small background square that determines played steps" on step 8.
That second thing might be actually a feature, because there are workarounds for that, and it somehow opens different options to program your patterns. Also this doesn't happen to sequences shorter than 16 steps.

Well, i thought that i could update the cart once more, but now my usb-midi adapter does not respond.
Web app doesn't react on "receive" and "send" clicks, though the browser detects the adapter. Also the command line tool throws an error.
"RtMidiIn::openPort: error creating Windows MM MIDI input port."
"RtMidiOut::sendMessage: error preparing sysex header."

So, are these described nl quirks common to see and these are not a result of a failed update?
And is something wrong with my adapter, or i can somehow fix that?

Thank you, and excuse my horrible english


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i think there are many who are hyped actually (including myself lol)
imo there's just not really much to talk about until Olivier reveals something more.
He said that this is not a Zero project though.

i think he might make a thread here as well, someday

That's very very very very cool!

So, i have found another gba for extremely cheap, tried the capacitor mod again (aka GBA NOISE FIX) and it worked! there's still some audible noise, especially on playback but overall sound got much better
Thanks, scannerboy!

It probably could happen because of the mod I did to motherboard for a backlit display installation.
But it's much more likely that i've messed up (mounting a capacitor, lol)

scannerboy wrote:

Do I understand you correctly that the console stopped working after adding the capacitor?

It boots up but doesn't go any further than showing the gameboy logo.
It can boot only one time. after that I have to take batteries out of the device and wait for some time, so i can start it up once more.

Sorry for my english hmm

Also It's absolutely possible that I could have messed up something somewhere else.

scannerboy wrote:


Didn't help on the AGB-CPU-02. The device stucks loading, doesn't read cartridges.
Direct audio works, though.

Oooh, thanks for the help! Will definetly try as soon as I get close to the soldering iron smile

shitbird wrote:

The gba rca mod is worth doing.

Interesting. Is it any different from just soldering a jack between pre-amp in and ground?
oh yeah, i've also found a pinout of gba amplifier

Many thanks, pselodux. Checked out the demo of Brusfri. Shockingly good.
I'd personally prefer an internal mod, though.

Is there a way to somehow reduce the output noise of a gba?
I have tried oliver's solderless solutions, but they didn't help.
I can't even filter the whine out using software
Also have seen some discussions about the prosound mod, but I couldn't find any clear info about it (and it was also stated inpractical by some people, for some reason.)
btw, I have a classic GBA, board AGB-CPU-02. I have also installed the backlit screen from the SP
Thanks in advance (no pun intended)


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woah heart