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IMO the sound changes quite much with the update, but hum elimination and better sync are quite a big deal smile


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Noticed that the detune mode is gone (channel S)
Also, the first note of a chord (absolute mode) doesn't change a tone. It's value changes though.
upd. Chords on N are also gone but lfo there can do similar things

Take a look here.

barbeque wrote:

if something similar can be done with the 2.x versions ?

Most likely not, since all the sound is generated by CPU

upd: Clarified the person who I answered to smile

disasterpeace's fez is quite relaxing

interesting tracker indeed!
one should check a readme to operate it
PC and mac download


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No problem wink


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uploaded image to imgur. So, no need for anybody to complete a captcha smile


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Neat! Will try to wire it up asap


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^ Yes, I did. It doesn't break anywhere.

I don't think that the problem is in display, because if it was, the ROM would boot fine (i'd be to make sound with muddygb by pushing d-pad).
Also, as i've already mentioned, it somewhy started working well, but then glitched again.

An attempt to mod my dmg have led to unability to start it up.

Well, after finishing the mod (and, afterwards, removing it) I couldn't start my dmg.
When I was trying to boot lsdj, the startup was ok, (Nintendo logo falling to the screen center and makes bleep) But the lsdj didn't start. Instead, a black screen appeared.
Booting smaller ROMs (muddyGB) didn't work too, the loading have been freezing after the bleep.

Later, i've noticed some gray shit (probably oxide) on contact pads inside the gameboy.
After cleaning it up, the dmg started well, with both ROMs. lsdj save file was corrupted, but not destroyed completely.

On the next day, it stopped starting up again.
Now, booting lsdj showed some pixel pattern. Booting muddyGB was the same. After a few on/off cycles the startup logo started flashing, if the cartridge was inside.
Otherwise, this ↓ happens.

The logo stays the same most of the time, but sometimes it changes to a 'regular' rectangle, changes back, makes a horisontal line or morphs randomly.

What could cause the problem and is there a way to fix it?


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Thanks, Frantic! smile