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@urbster1 - No, I see a mention of my name but not the fonts.

https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/4916 … atch-more/

Matrix code and 7-segment display fonts -

Comic Sans -


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@herr_prof - I made an LSDJ patch a long while ago that I
called LSDJ+. It removed the grey bits and cleaned up the graphics of LSDJ somewhat then I also made a few different versions with custom fonts. Some of those fonts I hand drew and they don't exist anywhere else. I'll try to redo some of those patches so that they can be applied to the latest stable version of LSDJ. I should have some free time tonight to work on it but it might take a little while for me to complete everything

"... how f*cking fun should this be? How f*cking fun can it be? Can it be real in any sense?" - Father John Misty

But seriously what I personally do is run LSDJ on an emulator so I can have a large well lit screen and a comfortable controller while composing new stuff.

Then I just transferred the save file to a cartridge and run it on a DMG for recording.

If the DMG can't handle processing complex stuff I just separate what the DMG can handle from what it can't.

Then I run the parts the DMG can't handle on a GBcolor. If the GBcolor stuff sounds bad I try to fix it up with filters, eq, and whatnot when I mix the song together on a computer.

If I still think it sounds bad I'll try running it on an emulator or dumb it down so it can be run on a DMG.

My ears actually hear very little difference between a GBcolor and a good emulator. An emulator might actually sound a little better depending on your setup.

By dumbing it down I mean strip the composition down so only a very small piece of the composition plays with minimal nonsense added to it. So instead of getting a bunch of bleeps and bloops you just get a single bleep or whatever noise you want to capture.

Then record that noise and use that recording like you would any other sample in your recording software and add it back into the rest of your composition.


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I've bought a few DMGs that were sold as "broken" or "no picture".

They were not actually broken.

The person/business selling them was just foolish enough to not realize they needed to adjust the contrast.

This makes me wonder how many DMGs needlessly ended up in the trash because someone was too stupid to figure out how to adjust the contrast or clean off some slight corrosion from the battery contacts.

I've also scored a few DMGs from foolish people at yard sales who weren't actually selling any DMGs.

To do this all you have to do is bring a DMG along with a cartridge containing LSDJ with you while yard sailing.

Then tell the person running the yard sale "I'm looking for these, do you have any?" Point at the DMG you brought.

It may help to say "I'm a musician and I make music with these" then play them a song with LSDJ. Leave your contact info if they say their kid(s) might have one or they think they might have one in a box somewhere.

Absolutely do not speak to any children/teens while doing this, only old people. You might accidentally inspire the young person to keep their DMG(s).


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My co-workers usually listen to Radio Paradise at my dayjob and I usually try to change it to something better when they're not paying attention. They're things I do like about Radio Paradise so I would recommend that you check it out but I don't really listen to it much outside of work.

I'm kind of an audiophile and lots of sounds irk me in ways other people will never understand.

It's usually difficult to find/make good stations on Pandora/IHeartRadio that everyone at my workplace can enjoy without it becoming too repetitive or too sporadic.

I use to play lots of Hendrix, Beatles, or Zeppelin but that's getting too repetitive. And if I choose something new or "cool" the the song selection usually becomes too sporadic. Like if you make a station for The Dø on IHeartRadio it plays one song by The Dø then a bunch of awful rock songs from the 90s-early2000s.

So I usually pick something like indie-dance or indie-pop. Pretty much music I think sexy girls/guys between the ages of 18-38 would be into that I might also find enjoyable.

My day job is at a costume shop that's open year round so I can sometimes get away with some wilder music because the shop is pretty wild.

I occasionally enjoy listening to some stuff like Chopin, Jascha Heifetz, Franz Liszt, Dr. Dre, Black Dahlia Murder, †††(Crosses), Odesza, The Antlers, Faunts, Foals, Animals as Leaders, Beacon, Chvrchs, Sia, Lykke Li, Phantogram, Purity Ring, Kavinsky, Sohn, Galantis, Portugal The Man, Chromatics, Cage the Elephant, Miami Horror, Little Dragon, Ladyhawke, The Griswolds, The Orwells, Cacophony, The 1975, Pink Floyd, Van She, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Black Keys, Miike Snow, The xx, Queen, Pantera, Warpaint, Silversun Pickups, Scale the Summit, Yeasayer, Zella Day, or 4mat amongst many others at work. If I listed everything I actually listen to I would be here all day, then all night, then all day again.

Today I was listening to a Tame Impala station I made on IHeartRadio and it was pretty good.

I've also listened to the entire Lost in Translation soundtrack at work and that was pretty good too.

Another album that I enjoyed at work was Salvage by MTNS. I really like the song Fears.

I avoid playing music that I personally created at work because I find it a little distracting and whenever I've done it I get into weird conversations with people about it.


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I find it difficult to accept unwanted noises in any of the music I create.

Actually, I don't even like unwanted noises in my everyday life. Especially the high pitched sounds children make.

So instead of trying to control or edit out those noises I've been trying to cope with them and hopefully someday accept them.

One way go about reprogramming myself to not be bothered by unwanted noise is to wear a bracelet that makes chime noises during movement all day everyday. The bracelet I wear has something similar to finger cymbals on it that many people mistake the sound for the sound of animal tags or bells. I catch people all the time searching for the source of the sound. When they finally figure out the sound is coming from my bracelet I usually have to explain why I wear something so annoying.

I understand that telling you to try to accept unwanted noise does nothing to actually help alleviate your problem and I apologize if this didn't help you at all with your specific noise problem within LSDJ.


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Hatsune Miku


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Why does a singer have to belong to either the female or male gender?

I'm pretty sure you meant to say "Human Vocalists Wanted"

Then your supposed to explain why your seeking another human who can make noises with their mouth in the inital post of the thread.

Or you could be more forward and just say "Lonley Man Seeking Another Human Must Love Chipmusic" in the title.


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Makala Waterman transparent soprano ukulele MK-SWT with LED throwies taped to it.


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Going to live shows really helps motivate me. Playing live also helps because it forces you to either want to improve the songs your playing or make more songs/sound that others can be affected emotionally or inspired by. I also like to record my practice sessions because when I play them back it helps me find what works and what doesn't so that I have some idea of where I might want to focus on next instead of doing the same things over and over again. Having your instrument on your person or easily accessible also seems to be something that has helped me personally grow as an artist and as a human.

I haven't been on chipmusic.org in a while but this thread has really inspired me to work on my chipmusic, pixel art stuff, a few other things that I've been meaning to do for a while. Thank you guys so much!

Now I just need to self motivate myself to gain more knowledge, wealth, happiness, good health and meaningful relationships then I'd be set.

I've been on airplanes with modified DMGs and modified effects pedals without any incident. But TSA did swab the inside of my guitar case while making a joke by saying something like "You look like a musician so I've got to swab for drug residue." I think he just wanted to see what kind of guitar I had in the case which happened to be a heavily modified USA Fender Stratocaster. And they stole all the lighters I had in my checked luggage and left a note saying that if I want my lighters back I needed to call some number which I never did.


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Were you holding the two halves of the case firmly together while putting the screws in?


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Take pictures.

Or you could use your shirt to wipe it down then use the power of your lungs instead of canned air/duster.

Having good lighting or a bright flashlight is also a good idea.


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plgDavid wrote:

A friend came by the office

So it requires three hands to work it?

Just kidding, this looks pretty sweet.