I have modded very little and don't transfer SAVs with the same equipment, so these questions are too technical for me; just wanted to bump you and say that I hope you can get the answers you need!


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-dual post-


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Curious for any reports on how it interacts with LSDJ.


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Ho yeah! Let me see what I might want to show off.


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@Greenleo - Well my friend, don't do it just on my account, but count me in if/when a second one takes place!


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Recent footage from a neighborhood outdoor music festival. Several Game Boys pictured but there's only one playing on this song.


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What a great album!! Well done everyone!

(Wish I had logged back into this site [after several months] just a few days earlier, haha!)


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Pretty bold of you to lay out such a hot take wink


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I've been really quietly making bleeps and bloops for over ten years but it seems like now that I'm ready to make a mark For Real, the scene is definitely not the same as it used to be. The nice thing is, in the broader world of live music performance, somebody singing pop/rock with a Game Boy as the backing band is still super unusual, and people enjoy it.

I never "needed" to be part of a "scene" but it does feel like I missed something by not being more active sooner? I feel part of that was the whole "are you going to live as an artist or are you going to get yourself situated in life" dilemma that lots of us face. But ahhh nobody likes to hear people say "I feel old!"

I try to think of it as when Nintendo systems last past their heyday and buzz... They're not the same fad they were, but the software starts getting really, really impressive. That's chipmusic! Some folks are looking at the next-gen systems and we're here perfecting, transforming, and expanding the medium. Got a lot of tricky tricks to show off still.  smile

Doc Ock -- I didn't really notice this stuff TOO too much in the past. Now I'm working with a recording engineer who gets driven up a wall by these clicks, and I'm a lot more sensitive to it.

I try to at least be careful of panning back and forth in the same channel when recording. But I'm using LSDJ and I don't know how I'd mess with that in mGB... Best of luck!


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Yeah that sounds excellent, I've sent you a PM!


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@Apeshit That's a really kind offer! What do you think would be the best long-term solution?


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That's the USB Cartridge Programmer. It came with the cartridges when I got them those 10 years ago. I think it was even on a CD!


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I've been having two separate problems with my old USB BleepBloop cartridges.

1) The UCP cart programmer software is "timing out" when I try to load new ROMs onto the cart (or to erase the old ones):

Does this have to do with the filesize? The program I'm using? (I'm attempting to load a copy of LSDJ modded with littleFM. Tried to load a friend's GB Studio rom also. Same result.) It writes SAV files just fine.

1.5) Here's the cartridge I'm trying to use. This works fine on my Game Boys but I can't upload a different ROM onto it, as I said. It's the same exact cartridge type as the ones that have this next problem.

2) A couple other BleepBloop USB cartridges of mine display this screen when I turn on a DMG. I can't use them at all.

If I'm lucky, I can get it to run on a GBA. If I'm unlucky, it just shows the GBC startup screen with the Nintendo logo looking like a reduced version of this. (same problematic result on a GBC.) This happens no matter how far in I put the cartridge. If I take off the top shell and just slide the PCB and back-layer of the shell into the console, this still happens.

On one of my cartridges, an early one with a red PCB, I followed some old, forgotten advice from nitro2k01 and loosened the security bit screw. Now it works!--on this one cartridge. This does not help with the other ones with the white PCBs, however. I even changed the battery on them for fun, but no change.

"sounds like you have a lot of cartridges, Sloopy" yes, yes I do. But I use them all... all the ones that work!

Returning to West Philadelphia, it's the only concert where you can hear 8 DMGs playing every note to Beethoven's Fifth! [first movement] Come hear classical favorites new and old in a symphonic storm of square (and rectangle, and synth) waves! All this plus synchronized lights and performance art, only on March 21st!

Features opening act Ap0c and his NES/tuba madness!

4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA



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What do you all use for DI Boxes? I've played shows where one was provided for me or where I was jacking my Game Boy into a setup that didn't need one. I just played a show this weekend and almost ran into trouble without one -- couldn't hear the DMG for nothin' -- until someone from another band loaned me his.

It's time I got myself my own toys!

What make/model do you use when you perform?