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Hey guys :] Not sure if I should post this on the upcoming events section or not, but, I am hosting a -hopefully- periodic music jam on Doomworld called "Phoenix Speedmusic Session", the inaugural session will be on Saturday May 5th from 1PM CST to 3PM CST. Here is the Doomworld thread with the main information: … e-singing/

And here is a Discord server where you can talk to the other participants about stuff:

The accepted genres aren't limited to just chiptunes (maybe that will be a theme of a future session, who knows hehe) but I still hope to see some from you guys. Accepted formats are mp3, ogg, mid, mod, xm, it, and more (though I would prefer tracked formats over sample ones like mp3 because the songs will all go into a doom wad so size is important)


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>I think you dont need any extra player... On your phone

You'd probably be wrong wink I didn't see SNDH under the Atari section! Also under Amiga I'm not sure if I saw player formats for special players made by particular musicians like the Ben Daglish player, David Whitaker, Tom Follin, etc. If you want to listen to Atari ST music or mods made with special players you might need to use Droidsound E big_smile It doesn't stop there either, Droidsound has support for N64, Nintendo DS and PS1! Apparently ZXTune doesn't have that at all (unless it's been updated at some point to include those features, I'll have to check later). Not sure if droidsound supports Sam Coupe or Acorn though... regardless I would pick Droidsound any day big_smile

The only issue with Droidsound (at least Droidsound E which is the version you want) is that for some reason it was removed from the Play Store months ago. You need to download the APK from GitHub on the Droidsound e wiki page


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It's funny you mention the square wave and guitars. Whenever I hear a square wave in a song- especially PWM or thin pulse squares- I think of guitars too big_smile When I hear 50% squares I think of more of a piano type sound though, unless it is arping smile


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Wish I could help you, but Im stuck here in west KY, where the amount of chippage always divides by about 0 tongue


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Just thought I would throw this out here on this thread as well. Both for helpful informational purposes and to keep it alive, lol

And now to actually help you instead of being a smartass big_smile … ipping.txt

This is a pretty long tutorial on the Milkytracker site describing how to make chiptunes. Now, I honestly haven't read that far into it myself, but I would assume that it would be pretty helpful, regardless of whether you're making chips or not.

Oooooo, I like the Top Gun soundtrack. I was thinking of doing a NES cover of Danger Zone sometime... The version from the actual TG NES game is pretty abysmal , lol. That is, if it was even supposed to be a cover in the first place. Probably not, but oh well, you get my point.

Well, first off, there isn't really ".mod style music", considering mod is a data format for trackers... I mean, saying mod style music is like saying Ogg style memoirs... which can't exactly happen, can it? tongue

As for tips, well, the only real " tip" I can personally give you is that you need to know how to make music (duh). Whatever music you make is entirely up to you though smile


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I did... I just didn't add the .PNG... Man, I shouldnt be trying to make chiptunes if I can't even bbcode :5


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Cm.o no like Imgur links:


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Grrr. The image uploading needs a file browser so that I can upload that picture that I took on my tablet. Trying to use BBCode to do this seems fruitless as of yet... Is there some sort of prefix I need to add to the address to tell the site its on my internal storage? Or do I have to upload it somewhere first?


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Hmmm. This doesn't have anything to do w/ LGPT, but, for what its worth, I had my own soundfont issues in Caustic 3.1 recently. I tried using the .sf2 that comes with MIDI Voyager and it imports every single sample or set of samples from that font as short white noise clips with really short loop points, so they play through once then give out this really loud, ear-raping buzz once the loop gets hit :0 So yeah, its probably the soundfont that's causing the problems. Just to be safe, I would use small soundfonts with small samples considering Piggy was made for mobiles.


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Mine is 4.4.2 BTW


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Hey Bleo, here's a screenie of the specs of my tablet that I got from CPU-Z after I bought the tab... Its sort of a cheapie, and the only reason why I was able to actually buy it is because it was on Christmas sale neutral Which is probably the reason why PPSSPP won't run correctly, but then again, it could be something else... BTW, we should get people to benchmark their stuff more often like this when they have program issues so that we can help them better, sometimes "help plz xx program/app isn't working" just doesn't cut it IMO. Also, yeah, this should probably go in my own thread which I happened to park conveniently right on top of this one, but this pertains more to the particular issue I'm having, so yeah...
Ohhh wait, how do you add images from your SD card to posts on this forum?
Wow, how hypocritical...


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Hey all. So, I downloaded a copy of PiggyTracker for the PSP for my old 3K1 a while ago (and by a while ago, I mean, well, a pretty damn long time ago tongue ) but I never really used it that much because I didn't have the time (TBH, mainly because, as my name implies, I was too busying rekt'ing the shit out of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, which, after 300+ hours of gameplay (technically, almost 600 because my first save got lost :\) and meticulously memorizing boss patterns to find out how to beat them as fast as possible with my seriously OP weapons, got kind of boring). Now, I want to come back to it to actually see what its all about, buuuuut I have a couple of questions to ask before doing so:

1. What's the newest version of Piggy on that platform? The official download page has a V1.1h_043 from 2006, but I remember reading a post by the dev on this forum saying that it was still in development and that there were bugfix releases and ghettos and such since then, and that was from a 2014 post...
2. Now this isn't REAAALLY related to the topic precisely, but how do you run Piggy on PPSSPP for Android? The reason why I'm asking this is because, well, I think either the AC jack or the AC adapter that I'm using for my system is dying, as its becoming incredibly annoying to charge lately, so if I'm going to be running Piggy then that's gonna need to be the way it goes right now. So... how do you do it? I've tried running the ghetto build from the download page, but it doesn't seem to want to work, it just locks up the emulator and displays a black screen. Although, I think the reason for that MIGHT BE that it was just a standalone EBoot and not in with any other files. So, I'll try to get the stable version and see if that works, assuming it has all the necessary directories and files and what have you. And if that doesn't work... Weeeeeell, then I might need some help!

Oh, and if anyone of you ever needs any MGS Peace Walker tips, just ask, I can sure as hell give 'em!