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i'm still here!!

Shit, I'm sad I missed this </3

https://soundcloud.com/killstarshine/sa … peep-cover

written in LSDJ 4.7.3, with some minor EQ, reverb, and fade ins/outs done in Reaper


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oh fuck yes heart

failing to find a job, sitting in my room, getting high, going to shows

and I make synth music too sometimes

fuck, does anybody still have that zip?

https://sunsetarchive.bandcamp.com/trac … for-lovers

soundcloud streaming will be available soon!


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we both know you're gonna regret it tongue

Y'all so shook about this lol.
If you need music for a future project, hmu


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Do you still have nanoloop? I'll pay more if you're willing to ship to Toronto (very south Canada)


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Saskrotch wrote:

[sad chiptunes playing]

*fast Soskratch playing*

PM me if you've still got this mid/late August

ugh heart can't wait


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Bit Mummy and I each did a cover of Aphex Twin's "Avril 14th", then dropped a split on Scolex Recordings! https://scolexrecordings.bandcamp.com/a … hine-split


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Arc-Demon wrote:

I didn't understand that trash-chocolate quote until just now, after I've watched Big Clive's video.

Link to the video? I've been trying to figure out what it meant