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20 (mostly) funky trax I made this year on Milky! Pay what you please! 'Reassuring Digital Flute' is the sequel to 'Relaxing Digital Trombone,' which I posted here six years ago. For GOTO80 fans (wishful thinking?).

https://jazzsurgeon.bandcamp.com/album/ … ital-flute


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The thread title really says it all, to be honest. If you've been after a crop of LSDJ music to groove to in your mammoth pink pixelated caddy, look no further than "Spectacularly Obsolete Get-Downs." Also feel free to use for jazzy meditative purposes.

https://willbrehm.bandcamp.com/album/sp … -get-downs

Commentary highly appreciated, even if nasty.


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These are five short, busy tunes I recorded off of two Gameboys for the game "Ultra Frontier QQYYZZ" by Willy Elektrix. The game can be found in the collection "1999: Megallenium 6-in-1 Mega Cart," to be downloaded here: https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewgame.php?p=128041

In order to match the mood of the game, the music is frantic and to-the-point. It's not very slick or bassy, but that's fine! This is videogame music.

Dig it! https://willbrehm.bandcamp.com/album/ul … ier-qqyyzz


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Thanks everybody!

My recording situation is not the best. I have no outboard mixer, meaning I have to split two gameboys into two channels to record directly into the computer. That forces good habits in the tracker, but the SP and DMG I'm using are quite different in terms of volume, so once I can run four different channels for the both of them, I'll get to max the volume on both and drop the noise floor down quite a bit. This will happen soon.

I honestly didn't notice how obnoxious the command blips were. They get kind of lost in my headphones while I work. Now that I play these out of my stereo for the first time, however, it sounds pretty disgusting. I'll develop some good taste about that.


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I posted a topic looking for some CC on my first "Chipmix" about a month ago, and it was very valuable, so now I'm back with numbers two and three.

Give a gander.

-Do the tracks generally sound nice and "full" to ears that aren't mine? I'm concerned that #3 might sound a little muddy.
-Are the musical themes... nice? Cheesy? Mellow? Overly repetitive?
-Is there anything that you just plain don't like?

Thanks folks!


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Yeah, I kind of got into the habit of dropping the same patterns for bass and drums and working on other things. I'll start giving them the same tender loving care as everything else.


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I've been listening to a lot of oldschool Hip Hop lately, and wanted to try making a long, episodic track that gets pushed forward by repetitive drums and bass. A lot of the chords, melodies and sound effects are really understated. I'm not really used to using two gameboys, and this style is also pretty new to me, so I want to know what people think. Does it get boring? If so, where? Are the transitions cool or irritating? Are the sound effects and muddy parts just annoying? Thanks!



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Six Gameboy grooves made to avoid paying attention in class. Feedback, whether good or not, is highly appreciated!

https://willbrehm.bandcamp.com/album/fu … ying-beast


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Thanks; much appreciated!


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A small collection of XMs I made this year. The mood is generally very open and pleasant. Enjoy!

https://willbrehm.bandcamp.com/album/re … r-trombone


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To Bleep or not to Bleep- Jakim: https://jakim.bandcamp.com/album/to-ble … t-to-bleep

Dudmood is also a permanent favorite, but it seems like what he's been up to for the past few years is really lousy...