The genre may die Chiptune artists have already spread their spores into other disciplines and that influence will remain long after the wake.

Orgia Mode wrote:

big_smile But aside from that, I don't see how anything could be tampered with to "bend" a ps2 without having it crash on you.

While its not technically bending the circuitry theres alot of fun trigger stuff that can be done with controllers especially DDR pads, but i think that goes for any system not just PS2

hey bud, you only wanna circuit bend stuff that runs on batteries. Unless you want to die, then I'd say go for it.


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Dont listen to these boners. The best is FunkMaster Flex Digital Hitz Factory, PS2 has a bunch of fun trackers. Also good is Magix.


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Keep up the good work homie!!!


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someone who started off doing tapes with distribution almost 25 years ago. vinyl too, but its been more than 10 years since then. and tons and tons of releases both on tape and cdr as well as netlabels, and arranged as well as taken part in more compilations than i can count. but what do i know, right?

See, nobody cares.


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ah, naptime

Come to Salt Lake!!

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

how is it bashing by asking for clarification? he posted an outlay of his plan that didnt address a lot of important things and also had a bit of contradiction to what he presented here. i didnt say anything rude. i only said it seemed like a pretty disjointed plan, and when you say different things in regard to something like this, its probably best to be transparent and forthcoming with answers if you want both sides to be happy. no need for hurt feelings either, the guy was asking for uk based people and while thats not me, that doesnt mean i wouldnt have maybe pointed people in his direction.

Who are you again?

hate the game


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Great release!

Thanks 4 listening hommie!! Just sent daniel an email about possible collabs. Party on!


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Frio mano!

Tao wrote:

Hey all!

I tried both KORGs. But I thought they were only minor upgrades against the DS versions..

being able to export to midi is a pretty major improvement for the M01D, although batch exporting would've made it much better.