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@SurfaceDragon they don't even exist here? https://github.com/psgcabal/lsdfonts

if not, do you mind if we include them? i find it's much easier to use LSDPatch for font patching https://github.com/Eiyeron/lsdpatch

awesome!!! is the ROM available? (looks like the site is down...)


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awesome thanks! i've added yours to the repo, with credit


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@0nlineDating awesome! would you be open to sharing them in the palette repo? be happy to credit you http://github.com/psgcabal/lsdpals

also, for anyone interested, i figured i should share the Eiyeron fork of LSDPatcher, which allows for importing all fonts/palettes/kits from another LSDJ ROM file.


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this is curious to me. i would suggest you send a SAV to Johan, he might be able to tell you what's going on here


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from a cursory google search it seems like most of the ASMRetro backlights do have built-in resistors


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do you know where you got the backlight or was it provided to you without any information? i've heard that some HHL backlights have built-in resistors, but the ones i have came with resistors (i.e. included in the package), but not directly in the backlight itself. in any case, adding more resistance just means your backlight will be dimmer, but like i said you can always just use a trimpot and adjust brightness to your liking (i would recommend keeping it in the case, i've modded one to be accessible from outside the case but imho it wasn't worth the trouble as i rarely adjusted the brightness)


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you definitely need a resistor for the backlight. but that may or may not help your overheating problem. resistor should be 100ohm, more than that will probably dim it too much but YMMV. you can also try using a 1k ohm trimpot and set it to the brightness you prefer.
if you want to fix the overheating i would suggest installing an extra power regulator to power the backlight, following instructions in this post

first of all, wow!! yikes

second, call me lucky and knock on wood but i'm yet to have a DMG crash on me during a show. i think it's either power regulator overheating or else manhandling the game boy enough that the cart loses contact (or the batteries momentarily lose contact). my crashes at home are usually only when i accidentally drop the darn thing while it's on

a new power board replacement sure would be nice though, the 5v step regulators are easy to replace but the LCD voltage regulator might be a lil trickier

i've done a mod to add a second power regulator to power the backlight actually - irony7 showed me this

the regulator used is this one: https://www.pololu.com/product/2119

(of course i just had my DMG open to where i could have taken pictures of this. i'll be modding another one soon and i'll snap a pic if anyone's interested.)

but, basically the board sits flush on the back board just to the right of the 4 points that connect to the power board. VIN connects to the top point, which is unregulated power from the batteries. GND connects to the point just underneath which is the ground. VOUT then connects to the power to the backlight.

edit: here is a poorly-made drawing, but gives a slightly better illustration. be sure to put a piece of vinyl tape in between the regulator and the copper as well (not shown) https://imgur.com/a/16YCu

be open to ANYTHING. maybe your second chorus comes in a bar early. maybe it comes in a bar late. maybe it ends a bar early. maybe something needs to be different - maybe a key change. maybe you don't need a bridge. maybe you need a totally different thing. what would be a fun surprise after a verse or chorus? in general, consider what the song needs, and be open to anything. sometimes it's good to take a break, clear your mind for a moment, then listen from the beginning and when you get to the last part you've finished, really consider what the song needs next. kris k's advice of studying song forms is also excellent for gathering ideas of possibilities.

it doesn't sound 8bit really, sounds like a loop someone made in fruity loops

which .gbs are you trying? the ones i've used convert just fine. but obviously if the game is using samples, those aren't gonna import (guessing these would be some of the later titles)

you know the battery can be replaced though yes?

not that anyone knows of... send an email to professor abrasive perhaps? (i would drop a dime on a dragnderp in a heartbeat if there are any left...)

however, Bennvenn has said that he is working on an FRAM-based cart that is more or less a DnD clone, not sure on the timeline but keep an eye on his facebook page for updates