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speaking as someone who also has had problems making everything too loud, i actually think performing live is its own thing. lately when playing live i've heard things in the venue differently than i do in headphones or through mixer/monitors at home. when i'm at home i listen through the internal headphone amp with headphones, or through prosound jack plugged into a mixer with some EQ to boost the bass and possibly mids. when i've played live, i've noticed PU leads to be too loud or noise instruments to seem harsher - i think it's because the high end can have some extra boost to it, depending on the sound system and acoustics of the venue - there's nothing wrong with turning down the high end on your mixer here. after a live performance, record some notes on what you thought seemed out of place in which tracks. then, go back home and listen again through headphones and see if you can make some compromises. maybe the pu leads or noi snares / hats can actually be lowered a bit. maybe you can throw in an M command or two for extra dynamic variation (since 4 bits is not a lot of dynamic range to begin with). maybe experiment with extra E commands on your instrument tables. e.g. have your snare env set to 80 or something and then


so you get a bit of a transient, if that makes sense.

there is also another thing you can do which is this: test your song on as many different sound systems as you possibly can. headphones, phone speakers, the internal game boy speaker (seriously), your car, your (or a friend's) TV/entertainment/stereo system, studio monitors, anywhere you can plug into basically. that way you can get an idea of how it's going to sound regardless of what system it's played on, and make compromises that way too.

re: EQ'ing after the fact, the phrase "polishing a turd" comes to mind. like it's just generally a good idea to eliminate extra steps if possible. like as an example instead of EQ'ing the high end out of your kick, try designing a kick with less in the high end to begin with. otherwise you're just creating extra work for yourself trying to compensate for something that might not have been that good of an idea to begin with. if your pulses and snares sound too loud, lower the volumes, rather than trying to compensate for it by turning down the high-end in the mixer EQ. EQ on a mixer should (ideally in a perfect world) be for fine-tuning only.

all in all though, it sounds like you're getting the hang of it actually. just keep playing, the more you do it the better you'll get.

edit: VV yes this is very true!

i wonder if it has to do with the way the mod was done in this low-gain post


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that seems like an utter waste of an Everdrive tbh. you can order a board and programmer from Infinite NES Lives for cheaper than that. you just need to know the mapper and memory size of your ROM

i think so, yes

you just need more solder on VCC, pin1 and pin3. the reason the correct shades show up when you press down is because pushing down on it is making a better connection between the points on the chip and the points on the board. VCC looks like a cold joint. just reflow some more solder into those points and the problem should resolve.


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looks like it's an issue with my internet (not sure what) since they pull up fine on my phone. thanks for checking smile

oh no, are all the photos really down? sad


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it would be cool to show the title and artist of the current tune in the window/tab title too

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hey come on, he asked for chiptunes :V

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Do you know whitch mode on the Ardunoboy and witch mode in lsdj

yes, my post above details everything you need.
put LSDJ and Arduinoboy in KEYBD mode, and put your MicroKorg to channel 16, then use Program Change to select an instrument. you need to have a blank phrase set up in order to play notes as well

hey no problem, glad i could help smile


also, nearly forgot this http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/12543 … -vst-c700/

yeah i ordered one like last year and it took a few weeks. probably a bit slow going, they've all got to be kind of assembled by hand along with pretty much everything else in the shop. but it works great, so don't worry!


maybe reach out to pulsewave https://www.facebook.com/pulsewavenyc/