Thanks, Orgia Mode, glad you liked the game!


I made the music for the newly released "Death Planet" by Mackerel Interactive and published by Catskull Games.
We were able to cram a 60fps 3D game with graphics and four songs into a 32kbyte ROM, compatible with the original Game Boy - and had lots of fun doing it smile

I released the soundtrack as an album on Bandcamp, all recorded directly from my DMG-01. … soundtrack

Yes, the limitations (and great design) is what make it so good I think. It forces you to finish your song smile
I don't think it is Open Source per se, but since it is done in javascript, the source is of course readily available.


Just some days ago, Sonic Charge released JS80TRX as a fun project. It is a browser based chiptune tracker with three voices and eight patterns. All for the joys of limitation smile All songs can be shared easily, since the tune itself can be encoded into the URL.
When I heard about it yesterday I immediately created a little tune, inside the Safari browser on my iPhone.
Video and URL here: … 9902362633


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Rob Hubbard's Highscore song for Commando got a nice sad/sentimental vibe to it. Here, I'm playing it live on two Pocket Operators:

I actually just recently recorded two classic C64 chiptunes on these machines:

Commando High Score (by Rob Hubbard, 1985):

Delta (by Rob Hubbard, 1987):

And speaking of sharps and flats, at least Delta is using a lot of both black and white keys - it's possible with some tricks smile