This is literally addressed in the FAQ. (not directly, in these words, but still.)

buuut that's a cop-out response, so I guess I'll add my two cents on the subject.

I think that the existence of limitations is an intrinsic part of "the aesthetic" of chip music. That being said, I don't think that what those limitations actually are is all that important. If that distinction makes any sense?

So it's less about using any particular set of limitations—number of channels, kinds of sounds being used, hardware—and more about coming up with some constraints, and sticking with them. Using "vintage" hardware just happens to be a straightforward way of setting "hard" limits (ha), in a communally-consistent way.

The rest is extra credit.

Can I just agree with both sides of this?

  • This domain-camping business is shady, and (regardless of who's responsible) it needs to be brought to the attention of the community, especially the business-owners who might be negatively affected.

    • Thanks to NonElectronics for spearheading that, and for keeping a relatively level head— if it were me, I'd be pretty livid about the whole thing, and any anger on their part should be understandable.

  • The thread title is a little misleading, and as someone who's new to this whole scene, I feel that having a beginner-friendly list of modders, vendors, stores, etc. could be a really useful addition to the community.

    • Having those links would also be the best way to protect business-owners, since it'd lessen the risk someone getting directed to the wrong site.

Does anyone wanna get started on that?


My name is Tim, and I'm new to this whole chip music thing.

I've played piano for a while, but I felt like I was something of a rut, so I started to try messing with a couple trackers and felt completely overwhelmed. Eventually I stumbled on LSDj, which—by virtue of its limitations—felt much more manageable.
After playing with it via emulation for a while, I did a little research, and got myself a drag 'n' derp cart and a DMG-01.

I'm currently interested in learning about some of the possibilities for expansion/modding. (though, amusingly enough, I haven't actually been using it for music all that much)