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lost wrote:

i don't like the newer versions, the wav channel is so confusing

maybe this video series will help https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfhd … ZnTMsDeNpy


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since LSDj version 7.2.7 the max tempo has been 295 BPM

hey, i'm happy to contribute, i've got a blog series called "Intense Tech with Defense Mech" about some more advanced topics in LSDJ but they might still be helpful for beginners. i'm working on migrating all the articles onto my own website. i also have a few video tutorials. all the links to my blog articles are up at https://defensemech.com and you can find a link to my Youtube channel there too. let me know if there are specific topics i can contribute articles for, or if i can be helpful in other ways too!

i mod all my gameboys this way to keep the headphone amp intact, and then just drill a hole in the case and use a separate 1/8" stereo jack for pre-pot line-out. i don't want the (usually dirty) volume pot in my line-out signal, and i like using the headphone output while i'm writing on headphones. but if i plug the gameboy into a mixer or something other than headphones, i use the line-out jack.

theskyis256k wrote:

I've gone through your blog post detailing some of the new features and i can tell that there's a lot of cool things in there now that i've wanted for a long time! i had grown a bit tired of lsdj after a few years being blocked into a specific mindset. feeling like i've hit the wall of what i can do (i know it's never true it was just my perception) but there's a lot of cool stuff now ti reignite my excitement and discover new sounds!

also i'm glad i discovered your blog coz there's a lot of fun reads in there! thank you again defensem3ch

you're welcome! seriously glad to help anytime!

that being said let me list some features that will help you kind of get started right away:

all the L commands are now different, so that L01 is the fastest and LFF is the slowest (inverted from how v4 worked)

the next most immediate change is the "PITCH" feature in pulse and wave - if you press A+Up, you can choose "drum" and this emulates the pitch slides for kicks. i don't recommend making a kick with "FAST" pitch although you definitely can if you want to. the transpose feature is also useful for kicks since if you turn it off, you can use the chain transpose column on phrases with kicks and bass and the kicks won't change pitch! i made a kick drum tutorial video here (in v6 it was called P/L/V but in v7+ it's just called PITCH) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ihMjHn90zY

in v7/8, table AUTOMATE is now called STEP and is selected by pressing A+Left/Right where it says PLAY next to TABLE

there's a new feature called CMD/RATE (it was called FX/SPEED at the time i wrote the blog) that controls the rate of C commands (and P commands which also work in the noise channel along with C)

the screen navigation has changed - there are only 2 rows, and each row remembers where you left off when you switch between them. the exceptions for this are that going upwards from a wave instrument still takes you to the synth screen, and going upwards from a G command still take you to the groove screen.

i also wrote a tech blog covering some more of the changes in v7: https://chiptuneswin.com/blog/intense-t … -features/

i'm trying to think of the major ones but it's kind of hard to remember since there are so many. feel free to message me on any platform including here if you want to have a chat, i'm happy to help!

thanks yeah you can follow me @bananamanzero on twitter as i post every update. there's a "cheat sheet" that lists some of the new versions but it is not even slightly caught up to the v7-8 changes yet. i'll post it here anyway because other people might find it useful

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … 1637641725


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feel free to PM me with the rom and the sav you're using and i'll see if i can help!


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honestly this is really good! my only criticisms would be that i think it starts to run out of steam around 1:25 where i wish the bassline was switched up a bit cause you kind of keep the same B-F#-B pattern with the same rhythm and it starts to sound a bit stale. you might also try messing with the wave synth a bit and vary the sound. for mixing, the pulse arps in that section sound good but you might lower the volume a bit so they don't eat your other pulse lead.

for more dynamic instrumentation, imho the keys are using W commands in the pulse channels (and you can experiment with putting them in tables for the instruments too) and also to use P and L commands to make notes more legato. i think those couple things will make a world of difference. you can also experiment with E commands in pulse and noise channels including the rising volume envelopes like E39 - E3F.

noise programming is good and i dig your song structure too! keep up the good work!


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jefftheworld wrote:
mesaphlin wrote:

… the first one is - https://www.retrotowers.co.uk/gb-gamebo … t-card-64m

Holy smokes that's expensive for a GB USB 64M. The prices seem to have gone up on these everywhere, eh? Is that just since they've been discontinued or has this been a gradual thing?

sadly the word is that they've been discontinued, and whatever is left in stock is what will be left (until ...... ????)

that being said i highly recommend carts from insidegadgets.com - the low-power carts are rock solid and the dev will flash LSDJ for you if you attach a copy of the ROM to your order (they also make 4mb 128kb FRAM carts when the chips are available). however, for an extra ~$20 you can just get the gbxcart-mini flasher and do it yourself, for about the same price as an EMS cart. additionally the new krikzz Everdrive carts support LSDJ now (i would recommend the X5 or X7 if you go that route, but they are pricey).

You're welcome!

Also PSA: there is a mac beta available: https://tommitytom.co.uk/retroplug-mac.zip

If you mean you want to use MIDI to actually record the note data into a phrase in LSDJ, that isn't possible. If you want to use MIDI to play each channel like you would a normal VSTi, that is possible using the Keyboard mode but as far as I know you can only play 1 channel at a time and there are other restrictions (you can only play at the current groove in the currently playing phrase). So to answer your question, it's mostly the latter, to play back what you've programmed in LSDJ. Otherwise what you probably want instead is mGB, which treats the Gameboy more like a typical VSTi synth. It only takes MIDI input and there is no real sequencing possible in the rom, you do all the sequencing via MIDI in the DAW. https://github.com/trash80/mGB

Hagotae wrote:

Had a look at this and the MIDI conversion is great. Is there anyway to save the HTML as screenshots from all LSDJ pages like you used to be able to on lsdjsav.cookiethievery.com?

unfortunately not, but between using this one and LSMC you can probably see a good amount of what's on there. if you need to save the screenshots you can always use a tool like this one

This amazing tool by @adamgetsawesome now exists:
Thanks Adam!!!