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I probably don't care about USB at this point - my main feature requests are 2mb ROM, 128kb SRAM, and LittleFM compatibility. According to nitro:

nitro2k01 wrote:

Compatibility: Sav backup to flash

LittleFM can use generic flashcarts based on the following flash chips: AM29F016, AM29F032b. This includes flash cartridges sold under names as Bleepbloop, Smartboy and Fighter Cart. It is also compatible with drag’n'derp.


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The 2 El Cheapos I have have been reliable, although I did end up returning a 3rd because there was some bug causing the SRAM to corrupt on every boot. I have also lost songs because I pressed up instead of down or vice versa and there is no confirmation dialog to make sure you don't overwrite your save either in SRAM or on the cart. Also, reading/writing a .sav from/to the SD card on a DMG is horribly slow, you can't swap out a save live and feel confident that it will be done before the current song is done playing. Actually if it were possible to use LittleFM to access the ROM on the El Cheapo this would solve my problem, maybe I'll reach out to nitro about it...


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Yeah Bennvenn is supposedly working on a Dragnderp replacement but has not updated regarding this product for several weeks. I have 2 El Cheapos but they are not as fast and reliable as the Dragnderp. I want a Dragnderp so that it will be compatible with LittleFM.


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When I sent him an email he said that he didn't have the high quality cases for the carts anymore because the manufacturer stopped making them - I responded and asked if it was possible to purchase just the PCB, but he never replied....


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I know I know these threads are all over the place and never get a response from anyone,... I just actually really need a 2nd Dragnderp and dunno what to do....

HYPE! less than a month away!! big_smile


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yes. in fact i might pick one up too


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also worth noting that the new GB Everdrives from krikzz now support 128kb save data, so they are compatible with LSDJ


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get it! it's GOOOOOOD


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Featuring NintenKwonDo!, Hypnogram, AndroidDoctorr

hey perfect! thanks for your help and great work smile

oh, it looks like there is no way to change the licensing to a song that's already been submitted sad maybe a mod can help? if not it's no big deal to resubmit. thanks smile

Andrex wrote:

Unfortunately I don't think I can filter special cases like this... I also don't have it setup to sync changes to old songs... sad

ah ok! so it should work if i remove them and re-submit under the new license?

i've been using this and it's great! discovered some great tunes and artists i wasn't aware of previously smile

hey this is a really great idea! my tunes aren't creative commons (yet) but please include them! smile
http://chipmusic.org/defensem3ch/music/ … nism---wow


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awesome! I will send you a PM or something soon