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The .sav was included in the digital copy of Spectra but I've just discovered that the link is broken. Here it is: … ies.lsdsng

does anyone have this?

my save files can be found here:


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wHOA works with littleFM heck yeee!! great tip! think i can probably flash with bennvenn's joey flasher?
edit: it also works with gameboy player. i might just go ahead and grab their flasher anyway. but it looks like a low power 2mb cart is about to come out so i might wait for that one.

also hi Kemikziel smile

edit2: i ordered two 4mb low power carts and a flasher, Alex didn't think the 2mb low power version is doable yet. Luckily the 4mb is confirmed to work with the littleFM private beta that also supports the El Cheapo SD's. i have Bennvenn's Joey flasher which will probably work but figured i might as well get his flasher just to be safe

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"SameBoy has to be built using msys2 (mingw) on Windows" is confusing me, is that something I should be doing?

nope only if you want to build it from source!

fyi there was an issue about sameboy not playing samples correctly, it's fixed in retroplug v0.4

it should be noted, sameboy has issues with LSDJ sample playback, but that being said, if you're in a daw it probably doesn't matter that much

@hatebyte to sync it you need to right-click on the VST window and choose the sync mode, then set that sync mode in LSDJ. it should sync to the daw then

Any chance of releasing the beta with Super GameBoy under/overclock support as well as El Cheapo support?


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bennvenn is doing another run of the dmg front boards


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IT IS! and the sav's are included too!


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hi saskrotch

you could check*/*


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you can background using the tunes at - they're tunes taken from this forum which were all CC licensed. likewise all my music on is CC licensed so you have permission to use it


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yes! that's one of the planned tools. i'm particularly eager to see a waveform patcher; whether this would be included in a general instrument patcher or be a standalone utility is yet to be determined. but i am hoping for a more accessible version of the patcher that was released in lsdj-wave-cruncher in order to allow sharing of various wave instrument patches... by all means if anyone feels up to the task of coding such a tool, they are more than welcome to give it a shot wink


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On behalf of 4ntler I figured I should post the belated release of liblsdj v1.0.0!
liblsdj is designed as an up-to-date cross-platform and fast C library for interacting with LSDj save files. The first release includes 2 tools for Mac and Windows, lsdsng-import and lsdsng-export, which can be used to automate converting between .lsdsng and .sav files. They can be used in the command line or as drag-and-drop utilities. lsdsng-export will convert a .sav into .lsdsng files, and lsdsng-import will convert one or more .lsdsng files into a .sav (it can also turn a folder containing .lsdsng's into a .sav).

Feel free to dig through the code, we've tested it in various scenarios and fixed a lot of bugs, but there are surely more remaining. We hope others might also decide to use the library to code some tools of their own (a couple more tools are planned for release in the somewhat-distant future).

Check out the release here:


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haha true my save files are a mess!... well anyway i ended up snagging 1 lone used DnD off eBay. best of luck to anyone else trying to get a hold of one of these....



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I've never had a Dragnderp crash either; yeah the batteryless aspect is really nice.

LittleFM support means that you can have 8 saves stored on the flash ROM for instant access (it takes about 5 seconds to load an entire save, about 10-15 seconds to save one - actually if you have a Dragnderp you can copy the entire 2mb ROM + saves for easy loading on EMS or El Cheapo, but you won't be able to save them back onto the flashed ROM). Looking into whether saving might be possible on El Cheapo as this would be a game changer.

TBH I don't care about drag and drop support, we have ems-qart which is just as easy now for EMS, and the El Cheapo SD card read/write is also just as easy. I also have a joey flasher so really any option would be doable. I might have to look into getting a Fightercart or something instead.

The Dragnderp is just rock solid, fast, and convenient, it's the best of all worlds. Peter Swimm dubbed it "The Cadillac of LSDj carts" for "incredible ease of use, minimal crashes and most importantly of all zero loss of data."