Neither hardware (virtual machines?emulators?) nor vintage (<5 years old) but good platforms for chipmusic anyways. … 8862303232

PICO-8, TIC-80, LIKO-12, PV8 to name a few.

iLKke wrote:

Oh just found this on pouet


C-2 428 8363
C#2 404 8860
D-2 380 9419
D#2 360 9943

on PAL amigas C-2 is at 8287 so  sounds sampled at 8363 would be played little bit out of tune?


if I convert my samples to 16kHz and use 8-channel mode in octamed4, will the samples be played in 8kHz quality?


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which psp variant is the best for lgpt ?


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how to make it work on 64bit debian?

Volt 44 wrote:

Had some requests for this. It's up for those of you who are interested in impulse/schism tracker.

'This video is unavailable.'


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irrlichtproject wrote:

For all you pulseaudio haters out there (so, myself included, as well as pretty much any other Linux musician I know) I have some bad news: Starting with the upcoming ESR, Firefox will depend on pulseaudio. Not sure how to deal with this, things are looking pretty bleak as far as browser alternatives are concerned. Palemoon is build on legacy code, so probably not exactly secure, and Chromium is even slower than FF from what I hear, plus it doesn't have a good mechanism for selectively blocking scripts.



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rumpelfilter wrote:

People keep telling me to install Arch, which is a bit of work... so I never really get to try that.

try Archbang (live CD) - Arch based, CrunchBang inspired, very minimal distro (openbox+panel+web browser+file manager+terminal)


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rumpelfilter wrote:

First thing I always do is disable/unistall pulseaudio. No idea why I would want to use pulseaudio in the first place

maybe to record playback in audacity without jack (eg. sampling from youtube clips)

I have Pentium 2 powered Dell CPi A366XT laptop with NeoMagic NM2200 soundcard (AC97+SB emu?) running W98SE.
There is buzzing noise in Impulse Tracker but it disappears as soon as I start playback.
Anything I could tweak to improve the quality of sound?


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you could  try to reinstall alsa but anyway I hope you are happy with fedora.


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yoyz2k wrote:

What i mean is :
- when I use a straight alsa configuration, I have no lag, but only one apps is able to use the audio card

hold on.
are you talking about music production/audio recording apps? if so, in most cases you will need jack (but not pulseaudio!).
but if you simply can't hear playback from mp3, youtube, video at the same time (dmix) - there is something wrong with your setup.


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well I have similar setup:
Core2 Duo laptop 4GB RAM debian unstable with latest kernel, openbox wm.


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unless you use digital output or run distro from previous decade, it should work fine, no need to configure.  dmix was enabled in alsa...  10 years ago?

what's your hardware?


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yoyz2k wrote:

But at the same time I don't had a working alsa which accept multiple audio client at the same time.

what do you mean by that?