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Jazzmarazz wrote:

Gonna have to region switch one of my C's.

That's not a thing, the C64 is not a console.
You cannot switch between "regions".  And to convert an NTSC C64 to PAL you need, besides changing the video crystal, to get a new PAL VIC chip. And maybe then that's not just all you need to do. Definitely you cannot switch between the two.

Just get a PAL C64 like everyone else.

Matej wrote:

We need something what will connects all chipmusicians... Maybe with virtual reality in future. And some virtual club or festival where chipmusic will be... Or something like that.

All of 8BC was clumped together into a ball and then shaped as Matej, who was later let loose in cm.o.

Can you do the noise mod to a DMG? If so, where should I solder the 470uF capacitor?
I have a prosound modification on it already.

pselodux wrote:

I'm sitting on a 3-track, 1.5 hour 0F.digital album because people said my 10-minute tracks were too repetitive

Fuck'em. Send them to me (and Jellica big_smile)

What is this shit about needing for people to understand, or having to "explain" music? Just make what you want. What is there to understand? people like it or not.  If it's stopping you from releasing or making what you want, there's a big problem right there, and you should stop caring and just do what you want to do. Release, make, play, never stop creating because of external factors.

I find it very annoying that usually, with cheaptoon, people just over-explain their process. I don't care what anyone has used to make the music I like, except in the case I want to learn for my own music making (in which case I'll try to dissect stuff myself or ask the maker directly, if I have a friendship with them). As a LISTENER, I give no fucks.

Case in point: gimme 3 more hours of 0F.digital, but please, do not ever explain to me "how it is made" or something.


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Errmmmm, almost no machine will send swinged clock data, the whole point is that clock data is a steady pulse of whatever.
But you can send the swinged note data, so if you use it as your sequencer, it will swing whatever notes you send out.

(I see no reason why you would want to swing EVERYTHING by the way)


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gilhelm wrote:

How can I have two fucked PSUs?.

Maybe you don't. You can only be certain by testing your machine with a known working one from a friend or whatever.
Even if your PSU is OK, if one was faulty and it sent overvoltage to the C64, your machine will now be screwed and wont work with any PSU.


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Sounds like your PSU got fucked and took your C64 with it, a classic.
Did you measure the 9V line as an AC line?
Anyway, get a proper PSU and then see how much damage it did to the computer.

JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

Don't you think VSTi can be so overpriced these days?

Your mom is overpriced these days.

I believe my logo satisfies all your requirements.

You're welcome.


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catskull +1

Usually when you back a project, you get a discount on what you get for being an early adopter, that is usually the "catch" to motivate people to back projects on a lower pledge level. If I knew I was going to pay more than when it finally got released, I would have waited.  But I am not interested in discussing anything here.

Anyway I am selling it for what I paid for it now and sending it to the buyer for free. Whoever wants to take it, take it, or not.

I 'm afraid I usually wouldn't mind a trade but given the value of this product, I'm not really interested in cheeseburgers or whatever one could offer in trade for this.

[edit] catskull we  have talked before, I remember now, about the Arduinoboy. Shoot me an email, maybe we CAN trade.

It seems the price for the VGA adapter is lower than what we paid as backers, so there's a difference of 5 bucks there plus the 5 bucks I paid for shipping it to the US.
If not on a rush, get it from the official page and get in line until whatever that is. I waited for this item over a year and so have many of the lower level backers, whose orders Next Thing are fulfilling before any of the orders made through the website.

Since it seems they decided to fuck us over as backers by making that item cheaper later, I will offer free shipping in the US for this item.

[edit] I can also offer free shipping to any country that forms part of eBay's Global Shipping program:
http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/shippin … #countries

[edit] gonna trade this with catskull for something nice.