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Ledfyr wrote:

I wanted MIDI sequencing from the GB to be super stable. My goal is to use the GB as my main sequencer. I had noticed some occasional note dropouts, about 1 note every 30-50 notes was dropped). This is not a big problem at all, but I still wanted to try and make it better.

I moved parts of the note handling from the Arduinoboy to the Raspberry Pi and it reduced the dropped notes to almost 0. The raspberry now handles the sending of note-off messages.

It is probably possible to solve this on the Arduino itself, and I think that would be a better solution.

This is very similar to my setup and I've had this same issue with dropped/wrong notes at about the same rate. I've used two different arduinoboys (a scienceguy and one of Lowtoy's kits) with the latest aboy firmware and LSDJ version - same result. I was able to reduce the rate further by setting my midi instrument to only listen on one channel instead of channel 0 (all channels)

From what I understand it is possible to tweak the latency settings in the arduinoboy maxpat to reduce dropped notes, but in doing so you can increase the risk of a crash/freeze.

In any case, excited to try this out - Thanks Ledfyr. Though honestly I wish there was a solution on the arduinoboy itself that didnt involve adding another tiny hardware box to my setup.

Hey all - I emailed the editors of Kill Screen (whose writer had uncritically parroted parts of the FACT interview). They've now made changes to clarify sourcing and reflect the dubious nature of his claims (changes in bold):

In a new interview with FACT, producer Tony Donson says, “I feel that maybe I’m the only producer within the contemporary music platform that’s using that sound chip.” He’s speaking of the Yamaha YM2612, the chip found in the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive) from back in the early ’90s, and so when it is used, it’s typically to create fan versions of songs with the Genesis sound or to remix classic Sega songs. Donson’s claim is heavily disputed within the larger chiptune community, who point to thousands of other artists making similar use of the chip, many preceding him. For his part, Donson uses the sound chip to create house music that beams with the lo-fi tropical sounds of Sonic The Hedgehog (1991), as can be heard in his debut EP “Secret Island,” and he does it all under the telling moniker DJ Sonikku.

https://killscreen.com/articles/dj-tran … use-music/

I also contacted FACT but they still have not responded


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Huge credit goes out to Anamana-Luke / knife city and Steve Roessner of Revengineers fame for all the work they did to make this sound massive and brutal. Fear and self-doubt caused me to delay putting this out for far too long, so it was a relief to have them both to help really take it to the next level.

Cassette edition coming soon.


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Was looking into building this kit a while ago to fill the FM-shaped hole in my heart. They're back in stock now (20 available IIRC):


Anyone here have one, or experience using?

The PO-12 is way more charming than the Volca Beats and seems more versatile sound-wise. Then again, I'm a sucker for shit like this and LittleBits.

Can't wait to try it out.

Personally I make sure all of my electronics have "FUCK THE POLICE" laser-etched into the PCB

For real though, I never bag-check my gear when flying through American airports unless I absolutely have no other choice. I've heard too many horror stories of equipment being damaged or outright stolen by TSA agents. Better to take it through security in your carry-on if you can.

Nice piece. Can't wait to make it over there in the near future.

Oh, looks like I'm not involved anymore. Wish I had found out through means other than a forum post!

I think there's been some confusion here: the MAG announcement was a general open call for performers (vg cover bands, etc), but the chip showcase has always been organized separately. There have been no announcements about that yet.

Also, this:

Such a solid show. Packed house, diverse, energetic crowd and of course excellent performance. Feeling a lot more optimistic about the future of NYC chip shows if we can keep having them like this.

Update: Disasterpeace added to the lineup, repping Polytron's FEZ, which will be playable on-site.

pselodux wrote:

Wow, Virt's still doing stuff? Amazing!

He sure is. This just dropped last night: http://virt.bandcamp.com/album/fx4


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Really liking this so far.

8-BIT DOPE: GDC Edition
Friday, March 9th - 9PM - 2AM
MIST Ultra Club
316 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

$12 At the door $9 w/ GDC pass


The return of our big GDC underground party. Some the hottest 8-BIT acts from SF and around the world, mixed with thick, aggressive electro, enhanced by eye melting light & pop visuals. Hosted by DOPE, crashfaster and 8bitSF.

featuring performances by...

Trash80 (8bitpeoples, LA) - Dreamy melodies & driving dance anthems

minusbaby (monobomb, NYC) - Equatorial beats, ass-rattling bass and progressive grooves

crashfaster (monobomb, SF) - High-energy electro pop layered with moody robotic vocals

dj medic (DOPE, SF) - Nu-disco to electro to giant robots, a tight mix of pop, flow and education

Zen Albatross (monobomb, NYC) - Infectious beats, and marching, apocalyptic sonic destruction

E.N. Cowell (monobomb, SF) - Dirty, teeth-rattling electro house filtered to crunchy perfection

Space Town Savior (SD) - Massive, trance-inspired, dance floor smashers

Starpause (hexawe, SF) - Manical IDM beats meet lo-fi electro sleaze in a robot porno

Lighting and Visuals by FUTURE WEAPONS and VJ duplesiX

For a taste of what these kids are bringing to your ears, check out our rundown:


8bitSF presents POW: Indie Music & Developers Collide

Tuesday, March 6th @ 8:00pm

Tickets on sale NOW: http://www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2012/03-06.html
$8 advance/$12 door/$5 with GDC Badge

This is a 21+ event.


In honor of the 2012 Game Developer's Conference, 8bitSF [http://8bitsf.com/] is proud to present POW, a celebration of the indie spirit. POW is a colossal night of sound + vision, and features performances by some of the best acts in both gaming and chip music [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiptune] as well as demo tables and presentations by indie developers Muteki Corporation [http://mutekicorp.com/] (Dragon Fantasy), Open Emotion Studios [http://www.openemotionstudios.com/] (Revoltin' Youth), Yobble
[http://yobble.me/] (Air Guitar) and more!

Live Performances by:

VIRT aka Jake Kaufman [http://virt.bandcamp.com/] (Retro City Rampage, Bloodrayne: Betrayal)

Freaky DNA aka Leonard J. Paul [http://videogameaudio.com/] (Retro City Rampage, NBA Jam 2010)

minusbaby [http://minusbaby.com/] (BIT.TRIP FATE, Phone Story)

crashfaster [http://crashfaster.bandcamp.com/] (Dragon Fantasy)

The Glowing Stars [http://theglowingstars.bandcamp.com/]

Zen Albatross [http://zenalbatross.net/]

A Rival [http://blog.planetskill.com/]

Louis Gorenfeld [http://soundcloud.com/extentofthejam/tracks]

https://twitter.com/#!/Facundo_ebooks/s … 8689281024