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Damn there's some real bangers in here, good stuff man


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This is fucking sick.


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Ok, thanks for the heads up.  I think I will go with the X5, seems like it should be easier to make backups with the micro sd as well.  A little pricey, but it seems like it's high quality and easy to use.  Thanks everyone, much appreciated.


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Do you know what the difference between the X3 and the X5 means?  For the X3 it says "Same as X5 but required reboot in menu to save game progress stored in SRAM (Like Mega-X3 or ED64-V2.5)".  Does this mean to save a tune I'm working on, it will save but LSDJ will restart?

My only complaint is that the main melody never really swept me up.  It's good and the percussion is really solid, but I felt that the arp was maybe a little too strong, where imo a catchier melody would have really excelled.  All depends on what you're going for though.  Nice tune.


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I like this a lot.  It's got a good energy to it and the chord changes are choice.  I really like your percussion as well.  Is this 1xLSDJ?

I like your sound selection, but I would have to agree with your sentiment that it's too repetitive.  I think what contributes to that is there's always an arp going in the background, and then the main melody never changes much (or if it did it was hard to tell).  I think you could get away from the repetitiveness with a couple breakdowns, a change in main melody/instrument, or just making the song shorter.  Of course this all depends on what you're going for with the song.  What did you use to make this?


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defensem3ch wrote:

also worth noting that the new GB Everdrives from krikzz now support 128kb save data, so they are compatible with LSDJ

This enables them to save properly now right?  I may go this route.


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Hi there,

I'm looking to buy an LSDJ cart.  Most reputable online stores are sold out, so I was hoping someone here would have one for sale, preferably one that I can flash an updated version of LSDJ to. 

Thanks all.

EDIT: Decided to go with the Everdrive X5, thanks all, please disregard thread.


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Ok, thanks all.  I'll keep checking sellers and see what I can find.


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Hi all, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong spot.

I recently made the mistake of ordering an LSDJ cart from DJTransformer before doing adequate research.  Having read a couple of threads here (from over 4 years ago) I now realize that it may take a very, very long time for the cart to arrive, if it arrives at all.  I only ordered from him because I couldn't find a blank cart or a preloaded LSDJ cart anywhere.  Kitsch-bent has had them out of stock for a while, and other sellers I've seen mentioned don't seem to carry the carts anymore.  Does anyone know where I can get, preferably, a preloaded LSDJ cart?  I've donated for LSDJ and all that, and I'm itching to get into making chiptunes.