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L-tron wrote:

you've got mail



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replied. this is still up for grabs.


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as the title states, im looking to trade this guy off to someone who'll use more than i have. its been used maybe a dozen times and is in excellent condition. comes with the instructions and all that jazz. i can also toss a cart with the latest version of mGB on it.

im looking to get a another lsdj cart and some sort of fancy DMG. other offers pertaining to music gear will be considered as well.

post offers here or email me at octavialsilver [at] hotmail [dot] com



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most everything by the depreciation guild is chill. and awesome.

Russolo wrote:

its alright octavialsilver


(there's an "L" in my name. tongue)

SORRY GUYS. ive had suuuper limited access to a computer as of lately. i FAILED, and im really really sorry. sad

just got the memo, I ACCEPT. its 10:54 on a friday night here.


what was that made with? it's beautiful.


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all hail little-scale.


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heart this release


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e.s.c. wrote:

yeah the marbled vinyl is cheap cause its the scraps from making other people's records

i knew that but didn't know about the shit quality. hmm


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e.s.c. wrote:
low-gain wrote:

i'd rather pay a little more for quality than get cheap vinyl.
the last thing i want are my records being played out after only a few plays.
on top of that.. low-end is typically lost on cheap vinyl... i refuse to sacrifice quality just cuz it costs less. even if i have to sit on 100 of the 300 i pressed.

this is why im skipping on using marbled vinyl, its just a rough trade off to save 15% or so on the pressing and have a reduction in quality, when the high quality is a key benefit to vinyl over other formats to begin with

man i never knew the quality dropped with marbled vinyl. sad


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DJCactus wrote:
low-gain wrote:

if only there was a Kunaki for vinyl. hahaha

i hear that, detroit has a few places that cut, but its not even worth the money.

jeff, just get marbled vinyl as it's cheaper. price them accordingly and its worth it in the end, and by that i mean you wont lose money.

akira^8GB wrote:

I didn;t even start dudes



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right click and view image for best results, yo.