Bumping to see if anyone can help! I need a new pro-sound modded NES to finish out some Kickstarter rewards :-/

I've had the same prosound modded NES by Low-Gain for about a decade now but it's kicked the bucket on me so I'm in the market for a new one. I only need the basic PU01/PU02 on one line out and the TRI/NOISE/DPCM on a second line out, preferably 1/4" jacks since I run them through a mixer with level controls but I could settle for RCA if the price is right. Anyone have one they aren't using or open for a commission to mod one for me? I reached out to Low-Gain but didn't hear back so I'm turning to the community!


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And it started working again...only to crap out after 5 minutes. This leads me to believe it's a relatively easy fix - a loose wire or bad connection. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm going to open it up and examine more closely, I can solder joints if need be - but if any one familiar with a pro-sound modded NES with a Kitsch board can point me in the right direction as to where the audio connections are, it would help me a lot to locate the issue. Otherwise I'm flying blind...


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DSC wrote:

I believe Kitsch sold these mod boards.  I remember picking one up.  Yes, it has the decoupling electrolytic caps.
To do an easy test you can take any audio source and put the wires on either side of the soldered cap wires.  You should have
audio signal coming through.  If not, then the cap has gone 'open'/BAD.  If you have audio, then check with a meter and
confirm the OP-Amp IC is getting power.  After that you might want to check in with Kitsch.  Hope that helps.

Not gonna lie, I have no idea what half of the things you said mean lol. I think I'll just look into pro-sound modding another NES since this one has put in the time and deserves to finally rest haha. Low-gain originally did mine so I'll probably reach out to him to see if he's still in the game.


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Okay, not sure what I'm looking for - everything looks good to me but I might be missing something. I only snapped pics of the capacitors and resisters and the board with the audio connection. Oddly enough, once I put everything back together, it worked fine. then 2 minutes into a track I was playing on it, it started crackling like crazy - almost like bit crush. That is a new one!

Any ideas?


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DSC wrote:

If lines 1 & 2 were decoupled properly using 1uF electrolytic capacitors, then the caps could have gone bad.  Pop the lid and take some pics, if you don't mind  big_smile

Thanks for the response! I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow to post here so you can take a look.


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I've had a pro-sound modded NES for nearly a decade now, never any issues (aside from common 72-pin connector stuff all NES systems suffer from) but recently, the audio output went...well, it didn't go away completely, but it's not making the same 'hum' it usually does.

It first happened when I was working on a track with a lot going on and some notes got stuck. As per usual, I powered the system off and on again but when the sound came through the speakers after powering on, the hum was different and despite MIDI data being sent via MidiNES, no sound was generated.

It's hard to describe but where the regular hum has both high and low end, the new hum has just low end. I tried everything from unplugging the power and plugging it back in, taking the cart out and putting it back in, banging on the sides (pretty much all of the tricks we used back in the day to get games working) but the problem doesn't seem to be with the cart.

It also randomly started working again a few days ago, until some notes got stuck (again) and it went back to the new hum after powering it back up. What's also odd is that when it started working again, I had been powering it on every few hours to see if it would work and although the normal hum hadn't come back, I tried sending MIDI data to the cart and it started working again (and once I paused the track, I could hear the new hum).

I have no idea what could cause this problem as the stuck notes are still coming through until I power off (ie if it was a blown capacitor or something along those lines, the sound should have cut out all together then, and shouldn't have randomly started working again). Although, I do think it's a hardware issue with the NES itself. I can open it up to check it out but if anyone else has any clue as to what the problem could be, more specifically, I'll know what to look for.

I didn't mod it myself, hence I have no idea what the problem could be...

herr_prof wrote:

did you try and envelope command with a very short duration? I don't think MGB has a dedicated vol command like on midines

https://github.com/trash80/mGB/blob/mas … ementation

I tried a variety of inputs on the envelope parameter but it seems that whatever value is set at the beginning of the note stays with it until the end so the decay will always be linear and the longest decay time is set in stone at the highest value.

And it's funded! It was also featured on the Kickstarter homepage for a day which brought in a ton of backers. There are still plenty of stretch goals to hit so don't be shy - if you dig it, back it!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/do … ref=5n88rj


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Orgia Mode wrote:

When was nanoloop done wrong?

I meant more generally the concept of a stand-along nanoloop (or other tracker) based device, like this. Nanoloop, obviously, has been perfect from the start!


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I just saw this, so cool! I think this is one of those revisited ideas that's been done right this time! I did some artwork and music for a campaign doing something similar a few years ago but production problems forced him to cancel the project, unfortunately.


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You're more than welcome to stream anything from my Bandcamp. All of the tracks on there are covers so if you're doing a themed block, these will be perfect for that. One of those albums has Irish folk songs on it so that will be perfect for St. Paddy's day coming up!

Also feel free to download my 8-Bit Dr. Horrible soundtrack in its entirety and play any of those tracks on the stream. Alternatively, you can stream the animation (5 videos) I created to go along with that soundtrack.

Here's my Soundcloud channel as well.

I'm also running a Kickstarter for my current album. If you wouldn't mind shouting it out and sending people over there to back it, I can send you the mp3's to use.


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Dark_Bit_ wrote:

I believe that because gaming and chiptune music kinda go hand in hand, it would be fair to share it with a potential audience that might not heard of chiptune before but are into gaming. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is a little easier on twitch to get an audience.

That makes perfect sense to me. A lot of my gamer friends listen to chiptunes casually (or at least they listen to my stuff to show their support).

First and foremost, if an online listing doesn't show pictures of the back, ALWAYS ask if it has the battery cover before buying. I personally ask if it has the ORIGINAL cover as many of these systems don't come with a cover at all or if they do, it's a replacement made from a different color of plastic. You may not mind having no cover but it can be an inconvenience if it doesn't.

Second bit of advice, buy from a Japanese seller. I've gotten the majority of my collection from Japanese sellers (who sell on the US eBay site) and they're usually in great condition, work perfectly, and they take a ton of pictures with the listing. Rule of thumb is if they have less pictures then they probably have something to hide!

And as a matter of preference, I would go for a DMG rather than a GBC. I just like the sound better, but either will work with most of the same peripherals - although a DMG link cable is usually harder to find than a GBC one and if you buy one of the clear color ones that link to both, they can often times be duds, from what I've seen.


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Well I, for one, am doing my part to keep it going. I'm not a performer (although I did DJ a video game themed art show in Philly awhile back) but I'm trying to do exciting things to show that chiptunes isn't a fad or a phase. It may not be 'trendy' like it was a few years back but it's still legit and there is a lot of appreciation for it from music lovers of all kinds. i just released a new album on Kickstarter covering indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" record and many of the backers are fans of the band, not necessarily chiptunes, and are throwing money at the project so, there's that.

Update: The campaign is at 43%

Also, they featured the project on the main music homepage!