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Just posted this video to promote my new album by playing the full thing on a NES I modded to be a record player. It's not the best quality player but it does the job!

Check out the Kickstarter for the album here. The main reason for the campaign is to press the album to vinyl but digital downloads are also included in rewards!

I just launched the Kickstarter for my new album!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/do … ref=5n88rj

Also, here's a video of the entire thing playing on my Nintendo record player I made (image links to video on YouTube):


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TylerBarnes wrote:

I think it would be funny if instead of a 33.3RPM and 45RPM selector it was labeled PAL/NTSC or something. tongue Cause they are very close but PAL is slightly slower. Just like the 33.3 and 45 relationship.

Haha, that's a good idea. I ordered a new lid for the front since this one is chipped and entertained the idea of getting a blank one and putting a custom label on the front but decided the 'stock' one would be best. But that is a clever idea I would actually use...although those labels are embossed on the plastic itself next to the switch so it's not an easy task. If it was a decal I would definitely create a custom one to put in its place.


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Here's some video of it in action!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BuIJY1hh8sj … hare_sheet


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Orgia Mode wrote:

Nice, how is the weight distribution? Might need to find some steel chunks to glue down to the inside to make it more bottom heavy.

It's pretty light overall since the NES guts are long gone and the original record player parts aren't very heavy-duty so it's not top heavy or anything. I cut out so much from the top of the NES shell in order to fit the platter and tone arm that the player bits on top don't add much more weight that the whole top shell used to be.


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Okay, all done! I haven't committed to the positioning of the internal speakers yet so they rattle around while playing and it sounds awful but they were crap speakers to begin with so line out it is for this one. Some progress pics as well.

I wired the board to the NES power LED for effect but since the on switch for the player is also the volume, I didn't see any feasible way to have the NES power button switch it on. But it can be pressed in as usual to appear as if it activates the player.

I'm also going to replace the flip top with one that doesn't have a chip broken off of it - that's going to bother me until I do haha.


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This isn't exactly chiptune related but it is a NES mod involving music so I think some people here will like it. I'm actually surprised that I couldn't find anyone who had done something similar, probably because it's so ridiculous but, as I was thinking of ways to promote my upcoming chiptune album on vinyl, I had the idea to turn my NES into a record player. I had a Crosley Cruiser sitting around, barely being used, so I figured what the hell, it's a cheap player to begin with, if I destroy it, I'll just buy a much better record player - win/win!

It's a tight fit and the platter hangs off the edge but given that a 12" vinyl record on its own is larger than the system, there isn't much of a choice there. Thus far I've gutted the system and the player, carved the top of the NES to fit the main assembly (platter, tone arm, 45 adapter, and a few other switches), rewired the power LED from the NES to the board where the power LED of the player is located, and determined the eventual location of the other components.

The power/volume knob will be located on the front-right of the NES, right in the middle of the upper black section, with the headphone jack in the white area off to the right side (they're mounted on the same board so they need to be next to each other at a fixed distance - luckily, putting the knob where I want it puts the phones jack in a semi-convenient location). The aux in, L/R RCA audio outputs and power supply will be on the right side where the A/V out would be on the original system. The speakers were tricky to find a place for them but since I'm going to plug this into a sound system, it's not that important - they'll be on the bottom of the system, over the vents on the bottom of the NES, so sound will come out - and since the NES has four feet holding it a few mm higher than whatever surface it's on, the sound should be fine even with the crappy built in speakers from the player.

Hoping to be finished by tomorrow night! Now, pictures of some of my process thus far.


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I think it's like any other scene. It has it's time, it passes, then anyone who's still producing quality work will keep at it. I'd rather be recognized as an artist on my own merit (I'm a musician who happens to use particular hardware as my instruments) than just another part of a scene that people like cause it's current. Not to say I don't want more people to love chiptunes but there will always be an inherent 'filter' eventually that weeds out those that just jumped on the bandwagon or aren't passionate about it (there are exceptions, of course).

I commissioned a lathe cut vinyl to 'preview' the album and they sent me a photo of the record in clear vinyl (I requested this because it's one of the campaign stretch goals, although I designed an alternate label in a darker color scheme which will look better) and I'm in love.

Quick note: the print job is amateur and nothing like the final product will be. This guy makes great sounding records but is not a graphics guy (by his own admission)!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Love the cover art! Rocking out to it right now and the beats and pitch bends are fantastic. First track is very "Hiroyuki Iwatsuki".

Dark_Bit_ wrote:

Wow! Jusz listened to the track and I gotta say, I am deeply impressed. Good stuff!

Thanks! I've been working on the album since last summer, it better be at least half decent, haha!

Here's a mockup showing a better look at the vinyl:

Orgia Mode wrote:

Good stuff. Really wish it weren't instrumental tho.

There are few people in this world capable of capturing the quality of Jeff Mangum's voice - I am not one of them, haha. I did a lot of manual volume and pitch changes on the lead to capture the feel though!

I just finished a chiptune album covering the entirety of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" and am putting together a Kickstarter to launch at the end of February for the the release - I'll be pressing the album to vinyl and I've created a ton of cool artwork for it! Here's the title track along with some mockups of the vinyl package.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (NES Arrangement)

This is the standard vinyl package (pending upgrades depending on stretch goals).

And this is the 'special edition' which will include the vinyl press, of course, plus an 18x24" poster, additional album downloads, a physical copy of my previously released "8-Bit Jesus" album and four pixel art prints based on the album theme!

They look better on a white background, but you get the idea...


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Nice, good to know! Maybe I'll venture out of my FL Studio bubble!


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I haven't used Cakewalk since probably around '97. I bet a lot has changed, would be curious to check it out. But I'm a creature of habit - FL Studio does so much more than I need it to do but I'm used to the interface so I haven't ventured too far out. I tried getting into Ableton back when I wanted to DJ but that was a very short lived endeavor. Does the version of Cakewalk you use allow you to set up custom Midi controls? What is the event editor like (for manually adjusting volume, pitch, etc)?