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Nice post of soap anonymous! But I really hate anonymous' other post...the one with the words and swearing and shit.

and google forecast says: http://img864.imageshack.us/i/bfadgoogle.png

maybe like 60 - 70% confusion?

P.S. Bert Shefter gave me teh lolz


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The Fall Of Troy, Circa Survive, Thursday, MAE, The Receiving End of Sirens, YouInSeries, Pistolita...and the one that convinced me for sure to do guitar and LSDJ (even though it's a little cliche) was Anamanaguchi.


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Hey everybody!

I just moved up to Seattle from LA and I wanted to start playing some shows, but I really don't know anyone up here, nor could I find any upcoming shows or anything on this forum or on 8bc (since it's down and all). I mostly use LSDJ with my guitar and my style is pretty reminiscent of Circa Survive and Thursday if you're familiar with them. Any direction or help is totally appreciated!