I will be playing few shows sort of on the left side of the ol' U.S. of A.
Come hang out if you're in the area. Trying to get a small Nidhogg tourney going in SLC at the show if you're into it.

toasterpastries wrote:

Finally, something I can show up to! I'd love to know what you line up for Provo. If you're looking for an LSDJ opener, I'm game.

Thanks for hittin me up. Hopefully I'll see you out there :]

Provo is undergoing a last minute move.
If anyone sees a date where a show could be booked in your area between these, lemme know! I'd be happy to try to bring this mess out to you if possible.

Come hang out!

Update: Austin was confirmed and SLC added

Tucson was just added

I really hope I didn't fuck this up.
I probably fucked it up.
Darn it to heck.

Come see these kids anyways.

Thanks, I'll hit 'em up and see ya soon!

spacetownsavior wrote:



I can't even...
Also, miss you dude! It's been like bajillions of years T_T

I'm gonna be all up in the southwest in April!


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FFO: The Fall of Troy, HORSE the Band, Thursday, Circa Survive
It'll be out in a couple weeks on http:\\bfad.bandcamp.com

One day, maybe, I will catch a Boys Club set. Maybe...

First show on this tour in DTLA!


I'm playing shows with both chiptune artists and some sweet progressive/math rock bands along the way. Hope to see y'all at these things ^___^


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I originally released this back in 2013, but it didn't really happen the way I wanted.
I re-recorded it with a new mic configuration, pedals, amp, etc and it's a CD.

It's better now.

I'm working on an EP currently in which I'll be playing some new jams from on a US west coast tour in June.


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noisewaves wrote:

holy shit daniel....


I'm the only chip act on this, but whatevs! Come mosh.

Doors open at 7pm, it's all ages, and unfortunately I don't know much else other than the details on the link below.

http://www.songkick.com/concerts/228564 … skatesound

Really stoked for this.