Kool Skull wrote:

funnkkkyyy.. this is going ONNN big_smile

You wouldn't happen to be coming down that weekend eh?

whoa, thanks a grip DeerPresident big_smile

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

Moar cowb.. eehr... doblekicks.

Heh, you have a prescription for cowbell and double kicks that needs to be filled eh?

Be gentle.

Biggest dilemma: I don't know how I'm going to keep up the energy to jam out to all of these sets.


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So this is what ended up happening. Just slapped velcro on all the devices including the little LCD for the Genesis. All I have to do now when I play live is open the lid, plug in the power, plug in the outs for the mixer to PA, done. I know the wires are a mess, but I'll prolly zip tie stuff or get those adhesive clippy deals that hold cables in place in the near future. It also has a lid, but I'm sure you already have an idea of what a flight case looks like.


this show is legit. i'd totally go to this if i still lived close.


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HillyOTM wrote:

I was totally digging this until the screams in Monotony Cycle. Sorry bro sad However, i liked every other track, and even the bits without any screams in Monotony Cycle were good (bear in mind this is hard for me to say as i don't get along with metal too well, or chiptune with vocals) It's a great release otherwise though. Would totally have bought it had i not just discovered that work screwed up my pay.

I appreciate your honesty above all else dude. Seriously though thanks for the heart

So Beasts of the Earth is it's own song now. I also made it pay what you want again because even though I believe my album is valuable, I'd rather let the "quality" combined with your opinion of the music dictate its own fate. Keep in mind though- any money made from these things goes right back into Buried For A Day i.e. making merch, travelling to play shows, better gear, etc.

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

WHAT, this is awesome man!

Get a freaking plane so we can play together.

Is there any physical release ?

EDIT : shame on anyone not liking lsdj+screams

World domination is in my plans, but I dunno if it's in the cards. Would be more than glad to if it's in the cards. The same goes for a physical release.

It's actually been a little over a year because that's how long it took to write Singularity Crisis. I'm glad that you've been enjoyin' it though!

...also here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/875 … 0Think.zip


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The album is also on soundclown where you can listen to the track until I fix it:


...and also thanks for listening and the feedback guys, legit I'm really grateful for it.


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MostlyToast wrote:

Dude, I think you dun goofed. I opened them in audacity and panned one right, the other left, and they are exactly the same. You might want to look into that.

Oh shit! I was so confused. You guys have been missing out due to my blunder sad I'll fix it when I get home.

Let this be a lesson kids, don't upload things when you're really tired.


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Whoa, thanks for digesting this Idio. It really means a ton big_smile

theghostservant wrote:

was it an intentional artistic choice to have the 'beast of the earth' and 'copies of copies of copies' be the same exact track?

Not really, they just happened to have a similar beat and when I was arranging the tracks I meant to seperate them with Birthquake...but for whatever reason I ended numbering the tracks that way.


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That bad huh?


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An album with LSDJ, Genesis, guitar, and screaming.


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tempsoundsolutions wrote:

definitely consider building your own and going the velcro route. it might help you to build a smaller more personalized case too.

you could probably build a setup with the mixer in the bottom where you have two hinges and it comes apart that could be shockproof and really quick to set up. i think building a case would be much more fun than buying one because you have a better idea of how you'd want it personalized. or maybe look on craigslist and find one and then reverse engineer it or customize it how you see fit. save money on the case and put it toward a compact effect like a nanoverb that you can slip in there and would also work well with that kind of music, a behringer shark could be neat in there too.

If I could afford all the tools and had a good space to work on it, I would LOVE to build it instead...because I coincidentally need a better pedalboard case too sad