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tempsoundsolutions wrote:

you're sick of breaking down three things? good grief, what ever would you do if you were a drummer. do 100 more shows and set that stuff up and break it down 200 more times first before considering getting a roadcase. then you'll know for sure how necessary it is and what you need.

Yep. I'm extremely glad I'm not a drummer in that respect. I also play guitar though, so 4/5 things really.


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You totally just answered my question with your edit tongue That really helps.


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Sweet, thanks man. This just dawned on me, maybe get a pedalboard case with velcro and/or glue some extra foam in there?


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I've played quite a few shows and I'm realizing that I'm getting sick of breaking down my 2 DMG, Behringer 802 mixer, and Sega Genesis setup every time I play a show. I've been doing some searching around Google and I kinda have an idea of what I need, but I'm sure someone here has more experience on the matter. Are there any good roadcases out there that could carry all my stuff and where do I get it?


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MostlyToast wrote:

I'm moving to Tuscon in 9 months or so.  Making new friends and playing loud music sounds like fun, count me in.  I'd love to help in any way I can.

For sure!

New plan - if you have interest in booking, promoting, playing, or just even attending a chiptune show e-mail me at info at buriedforaday.com, PM me, or post it in here if you don't care.


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I met JRC at the Trunk Space through theshizz.org a while back and things just kinda fell flat somewhere, so I need to try e-mailing him again and generally persisting more on those forums. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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That would be really sweet. I'll start trying to set something up and I'll keep you in the loop. It will probably be a date for at least another two months, but could be longer. What address can I e-mail you at?

Those magical arps that he busts around 5:00? Really proud of this dude.


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I've actually started e-mailing a couple venues out in Tucson to eventually go out there, but we'll see how that goes.

10spd: I'll remember that big_smile If Wizwars comes through again, we might be able to put together an all chip show. I do know a few electronic artists that would probably play though if that doesn't work out.


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Is the AZ scene really this sleepy?

irrlichtproject wrote:

I guess it has to do with marketing, and catering to the largest possible audience. Don't think it matters much to the people who are mainly in it for the love of music. Also Cooshinator is probably right, people who started out in chiptune are usually not the ones calling totally unrelated stuff chiptune. It's more the ones who never really got into it in the first place.

And last but not least, there is no clear definition of what Chiptune actually is, and most likely there never will be. Most of Berlin style minimal electro could be called chiptune, soundwise. I'd sooner argue about it deserving the term "music", hehe.

I'm pretty sure Danimal wrote an "old man post" about this very thing on his site http://danimalcannon.com/

Go here when the time comes http://www.youtube.com/BuriedForADay and I'll share some stuff with you.

nerdsome wrote:

Come to Tucson.  Seriously!

I would kill to open for them in either Phoenix or Tucson...or just bring out a crapload of kids, whatever works.


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You really know your 20A3. You'd have to be musically retarded not to like this release.

I'm going to be playing a show in LA in May on the 2nd and I kinda wanna drag it out to go up to Seattle. If anyone in between those two cities wants to set something up, shoot me an e-mail! Thanks.

bfadmusic at gmail dot com

So...when am I gonna play a show with you guys? tongue