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danimal cannon wrote:

LOL if you think the top was mostly bullshit.

I discovered FearOfDark, BlitzLunar, Zef, Beastmode, j Arthur Keenes , Pongball and probably 10 others on the charts.  There were plenty of diverse awesome musicians there.

Ok I knew pong ball beforehand, but she was #1 for like a month and she's amazing

I found most of my favourite artists through the charts system as well; I remember Kulor and Shnab had #1's on there. A lot of the Famicompo guys appeared on there as well.. then I found out they were all on Ubiktune tongue

I don't necessarily support a charts system (a recommendations bar on the side might be quite good), but I think people exaggerate the number of dance tracks that actually made it on there, and a lot of the dance tracks that did make it on there were generally quite good as dance tracks.

chunter wrote:

The only other Got Talent "heroes" I can think of are Susan Boyle and Brett Domino.

I dunno, I kinda liked Diversity (at the time)... there are way too many dance troupes who end up getting through though

Ordinarily I don't watch Britain's Got Talent (well.. stopped watching it anyway), but I'm now tempted to tune in to watch his performance on Thursday.
Congratulations and good luck to him smile


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I look forward to future Coda albums (if there are any). Excellent album big_smile

The last track was by far my favourite thing on the album, though it's all good wink

A load of the awesome Japanese composers enter Famicompo so it's worth digging through the archives and checking stuff out smile

There's this guy (I think he's Japanese? And from what I gather his nick is TQJAM) .. he/she writes some of the best NES/NSF music I've ever heard yikes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAODY_SF … ure=relmfu
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eehPf5x … ure=relmfu
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj60Q50J … ure=relmfu


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Practice makes perfect

Anyone new to tracking/music; everything you make over the first year or two will almost definitely sound like garbage... if you think it sucks, then keep trying. Every musician has gone through this phase (unless you're one of those rediculously insane musicians that can grab hold of any instrument and crap out gold within 5 minutes). The best thing to do would be to listen to lots of different music and gain ideas, analyse other people's source files (ie. how do they sequence their drums? How to they structure their music? Try to do what they do etc.) and just keep at it if you feel like it.

Music theory, I found, does help speed things up a little in terms of understanding how music works, and it's nice to know exactly what you're doing. But there are several chipmusicians who claim to know nothing about music theory but make really good music so it's not essential. You can pick it up along the way

Oh yeah, and keep practicing.. well, that's my view anyway

I've said this many times all ready, but this is one heck of a release big_smile

All of the tracks are top notch


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I forgot how much I liked Maxo.. all of the classics here smile