Awesome song! I love the part around 5:23, and the time signature changes are spot on. I don't really have many pointers for criticism. I suppose some more work with the volume/dynamics could be done; some of the melodies could be more prominant (eg. the beginning). But, great song otherwise.

kartmaze wrote:

EDIT: Having just read Lazerbeat's post on guidelines on this subforum, I feel that I fall into the group of new members who just post a topic with a song they've created without any real substance in the CC request, and for that I apologize.
I just think that the gap from my current level and material to the Releases-subforum is too wide, and I had the impression that some people wanted to hear more of my songs (hence this post).
Perhaps it should be a subforum here where you can simply just post what you've just made without having to either explicitly ask for concrete CC; or without (e.g.) having to be a high level chipmusic artist who just released an album on Bandcamp.
But I guess there are good reasons why there isn't such a subforum. smile

I suppose the "music" section of the website is where you'd do that sort of thing. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work very well; 90% of the time, the player doesn't work hmm

I'd happily download an album of this kinda stuff, if you ask me. But yeah, you don't have to do that kinda thing if you don't want to. Keep at it, and it's probably only a matter of time before you get snagged up by Ubiktune or Pause or something like that big_smile

So, Chibi-tech is pretty cool

chunter wrote:

Unicron eating a planet ftw.

Make 9 more and release on Ubiktune please. Or start a rival label.

Agreed! I just listened to this on a whim, and really enjoyed what I heard. This has a real YES/Flower Kings vibe to it.

Do you have any other music anywhere? I'd love to hear more smile


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Hey everyone,

"The Early Attempts" is a collection of 10 .xm tracks made from 2009 to early 2010 (in other words, chiptune tracks I made before I started on "Motorway"). I took these songs down from my site a while ago to make space for newer ones, but a few people requested that I re-upload them somewhere. Plus, I actually think some of these are still quite good. So, for your convenience, here they are!

A little work has been done on them to smooth out some of the bugs and spelling errors, and to make them slightly more listenable. Nevertheless, you can now enjoy all of the dodgy production choices and questionable lead samples (I don't know what I was thinking for some of these tracks) in your choice of mp3 or lossless formats.

As all of the tracks and their source files are already available, I'm naturally charging £0 for this album.


1. Downtown Psychedelic
2. Influenza
3. My Spectrum's On Fire!
4. Dancing On The M%n
5. Get A Brian Morans
6. Plagiarism
7. We Must Peform A Quirkafleeg
8. In Retrospect
9. Sleigh Ride
10. Spectronosis

Download here. smile

And for some newer, better music, download this.


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Oh wow! Had a quick skim through, and the first track alone sold me on this. The rest of it also sounds amazing big_smile

I look forward to downloading this (providing the end of the world doesn't actually happen) smile


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Dat WoGo cover yikes

Sweet release!

lpower - Abinox (if I had to pic one favourite this year, this would be it)
Ubiktune: Various Artists - SOUNDSHOCK II: FM FUNK TERRROR!
C-Jeff - Preschtale
2PLAYER - Impossible Pixel
Coda - tracer

My top 6, though I'm missing some big ones, probably.

EDIT: (Moe Moe Kyunstep also deserves honourable mention)


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I started off with Modplug Tracker (OpenMPT), which is a pretty good multi-format tracker and fairly easy to use compared to most others of the sort. Milky is also pretty good, but as ant1 said, try many different formats/types and decide which one suits you.

With regards to your 2nd question, I've only ever used Famitracker so my opinion will obviously be biased. I guess it's a choice between whether I prefer the Gameboy or the NES; I think I'd go with the "smoother" sound of the NES.

Probably for the best. That would be highly obscene and impractical

Anyway, a thread closure is probably needed here. Maybe post these kinds of things under a single thread or a blog or something?

Hmm, okay.
While I appreciate the sentiment, the thread really isn't necessary? There are better ways of doing this kind of thing


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This release was a really wonderful listen (and by the looks of it, deserves far more attention) smile
Well done, sir, well done


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Voting has opened, and will close on the 26th November (JST)


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(I've posted this everywhere else, so why not? Shameless self-promotion ftw)

SOOOO, after 2 years of working and not working, I'm finally gonna be releasing a debut album! big_smile

It's gonna be called "Motorway," and it'll be out on November 15th.

Prior to the release: NoiseChan are also generously hosting a listening party on November 15th on , where they'll be playing through the album, which'll then be released right after the show. It starts at 7PM PST (which sadly is 3AM on the 16th for UK residents like me, though I will still be attending despite having a 9am workshop that morning). Facebook listening event details and stuff here:


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qb wrote:

lol they spammed the shit out of that SoundCloud page for the song.

@Fearofdark You mean more stupid than they already look? That's almost impossible.

Well, yup, that's what I meant, though as you said, that would be a tough challenge wink

Regardless, it's saddening how often this kinda thing happens, as well as the fact that this happens in the first place. Not just in chip-music, but art in general


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A comment on the video from Sabrepulse: "this is my track 'arcanine'. these guys haven't contacted me for approval, and they're passing it off as their producer's own music. a small sample would be totally fine if they asked me first, but to take almost half the track and say they made it......not cool! considering one of these guys involved is supposed to be a pretty popular rapper (signed to mad decent?) they should really know better. My management will be in touch!"

I should bloody hope so! And what's with the capitalising of literally every letter except the i's? .. It's not cool, it shouldn't be cool, and it makes them look stupid.


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The pinnacle of NES technique, I think.

My brains.. they're everywhere!