10k wrote:

sad heart


EDIT : Stream address updated. More listeners can now tune in. Enjoy. heart

Cheers Wailord! Nice sleuthing.

wailord wrote:

i am guessing their old handle was "mootz"


What makes you think that if you don't mind me asking?

Victory Road wrote:

ooh, possible SSF/SB lineup addition? :v


wailord wrote:

apparently they used to do ohc's under a different name with Coda and others in an irc channel.

Any idea what that name is?

Teh D3th St4r wrote:
celsius wrote:

See, I told Derris-Kharlan is was a dumb idea to post my question here... roll

Dude, relax your sphincter.
I'm doing some research right now.
Laugh a little... you'll live longer.

Waaha. All good little buddy. You obviously didn't catch the wry smile in my reply.

Thanks for trying to find out their origin anyway. smile

See, I told Derris-Kharlan is was a dumb idea to post my question here... roll


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Interesting theory. I wanna hear more theories from the community.


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Lazerbeat wrote:

Odd on its a mod Shriner / famicompoer



Reveal yourself.


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I used StarPause's OP1 while he was in town and fell in love. The FM recorder is just great. Lovely little "idea machine".

We're through the looking glass here people.

That's the way it's done! Thanks Domu smile

Nothing to do with being over-zealous Domu. The rules clearly state that you must list prices for the items you intend to sell.
"...Indicate prices on items you are selling."

Please correct the listing.

Domu wrote:

...for drum machines or cameras, or monopoly money

If you're selling items as well as taking offers for trade you MUST have prices listed against items that you are
willing to accept cash for.