lu9:  do the romhacking community a favor and upload your information to

Here is the VIDC datasheet: … asheet.pdf


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With respect, I figure with the openness and "mystery" of what you're getting for the money you're contributing a lot of people may be reluctant to bite on this one; especially without maybe a YouTube video or Soundcloud snippet of samples.  Hey, PR campaigns can be adjusted on the fly, can't they? smile

Nice!  This finally happened.  Thank you.  Just wish we had those Project S-11 source files. wink

Looks like a job for to compile a reference list for FM sound cards. wink


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very interesting method of synthesis and timing...  is it just the one channel?


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Damn, this does not have support for the expansion audio abilities of the Game Boy.  The FPGA could emulate some of the duplicate code for 2a03 expansion chips and others; such as SID, TIA with DPC, Ensoniq DOC, etc.  The Game Boy, with the right memory mappings, could power as many as the FPGA could hold in memory; and possibly in duplicates.  Not sure if audio out is necessary on the cart or not.

32 wavetable channels capable of playing up to 16kB samples.  That's something.  Also the Ensoniq "DOC" was made by the same guy who made the SID.  Enticing!


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Actually kept my interest for a whole album playthrough...  Can't say that's ever happened on BandCamp, with electronic music, or namely Game Boy before. smile  If I remember and feel drawn to replay, I'll toss you the $6. smile


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Why not get a PowerPak or Everdrive N8?


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What 2SID trackers/composers are there?


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My friend's portable 2600 he made from the Flashback 2 is being resold on eBay.  It has a cart connector.  It SHOULD work with the Harmony cart.  Would be good for live shows.

Check it out.


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File a "protection from abuse" for your mom so he doesn't get into a ton of trouble but it denies him the ability to purchase a firearm and do something stupider. smile


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What a beautiful and elegant interface!   I really like the concept of your instrument editor!  The only other time before now that I knew anything about HivelyTracker was downloading the Wii demo for the Hively player.  Now that I've tried it on Windows it has given me a broader idea.  Once I finally get my sound engine ideas concrete, I may steal many of your ideas!!!~

If only HivelyTracker's interface was ported to work with the C64 SIDs; at least for modern computers.  I like GoatTracker and its LUT style instrument editing interface, but it is very intimidating for other people.  DefleMask works, but it is not a refined or clean tracker.  Obviously, I do not expect anything of my daydream, but take it as a reverence to your skill and beauty with your art and code. smile

CuddleWhatzit:  Now there is no such thing as perfect or auto-magic, but there is one way to do it.  However, I cannot guarantee that the triangle channel to work unless you patch the MML code yourself to make the triangle into the WAV channel.

Here's the flowchart:

Export your song in FamiTracker as NES > Open the NES in NO$NES and export as MIDI > Convert MIDI to MML > Open and edit MML with a notepad/textpad and export as GBS with XPMCK > Use GBS2GB > Flash to GB


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LIBEL LIBEL LIBEL LIBEL...  SEDITION SEDITION SEDITION SEDITION...                                                                            .....CLICK BELOW....  |