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I want the NSFs to be able to play them on hardware.  The "wub" things seem like they are done with a higher refresh and quick on/off envelope macros with various pitch bending envelopes.  Too bad dubstep is a fad. sad


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NSFs in the digital download package?


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Get a fucking MySpace account, Frank.


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OHC has been deprecated.  We say OHB.  I guess it's because we're not #mod_shrine.  ONE HOUR BATTLE.

Fixed.  Thanks.

An anonymous friend of mine has started reverse engineering the BIOS to the Mattel Intellivision.  It shows that much of the sound effects are in fact within the BIOS itself.  This means that BIOS-only music/techno could be made with very little code.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36071551/intv_ … 8-2012.zip PROM and GROM disassemblies.

He says to feel free to distribute this and copy it all over the internet.  He does not want credit.

Further updates may be posted later.


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Here's a step by step guide:

1.) Steal instruments from other FTMs.
2.) Make shitty music.
3.) Submit it under FamiTracker forum.
4.) Get your virgin ass stretched out.
5.) If you are a survivor, make more and repeat the process.


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With that intense refresh rate a lot of those pulses are sounding like AY volume envelopes.  Bet you could make a synthetic AY without the noise switching bit. smile


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You bet.  I respect that you can take criticism in stride.  In the following week I'll try to start another serious project with DefleMask so I can create a bug list while I'm working.

Btw, I remember talking to 8GB about you back when I met him in person.  Very surprised you've made it this far. smile


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Here's a newer version of TFM Maker.  Latest I believe is still v1.52.

Delek:  It's good that people don't like certain things and take things into their own hands to make something they want.  I can't say I really "like" DefleMask or VGM MM very much.  The GUI in DefleMask is just bizarre and not very intuitive.  Certain elements of it are even glitchy; especially when you are editing FM instruments and playing sequences.  And truthfully comparing DefleMask and VGM MM is pointless.  They are two different types of trackers.  On one hand DefleMask tries to shove as much chip-related tracking into one environment.  VGM MM is a Genesis-only tracker (that can also sort of do Game Gear/SMS.)  VGM MM is able to be more intimate with the Genesis/MD music because it can cater entirely around that one console and its few chips.  DefleMask has one GUI and supports multiple platforms.  It tries to make one environment for multiple types of chips.  I believe it cannot be as intimate as a tracker made for specifically one sound chip or console/computer.  If you can get people to like tracking in your environment then you have a powerful workstation that allows export of multiple sound chips.  In that sense it would be superior.  For example, Sunvox is a sonovabitch to learn at first, but once you understand it it is a very fun and amazing environment to work with.  I see that potential with DefleMask, but it just isn't there at the moment.  Keep up the good work until then!


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To make myself clearer I meant Chipmusic.org sucks, not Shiru.  It just happens to be a place that I like to post news at and in threads that I care about.  Otherwise this place is only slightly less of a cesspool than 8bc.  Shiru is alright.  I'm just pissed about him yanking the files.


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Radnaron:  Great stuff.  I think I have the Winamp plugin at home.

Tough love is hard to find these days.  A lot of people will just want to coddle poor behavior.  Tough love brings out the best in people eventually.  It's the one type of love that people take the hardest and relate the most with once they mature.  I'm speaking generally.

He still pops up around other forums.  He might just not come back to Chipmusic.org; and whoopdi-fuck to be honest.  This place may have +500 EXP and 1 LVL above 8bc.org.


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No need to close this topic at all.

What I'd really like to see is a mirror of TFM Maker, the really nice set of conversion tools for it, and its brother VGM Maker somewhere.  If Shiru's FTP won't host them, we have to get them back and host them somewhere.

The truly sad thing is I can't find mirrors anywhere of the software anywhere!

It's one thing to say the software is unsupported and just ignore people, but to pull it from all the innocent people who used it in peace or any of the other potential nice people who could have used them is just ridiculous.

I'm on a mission.  Let's get this the software mirrored, folks.

Looking for:

in_tfm.zip (v1.2)
vopmxtfi.zip (v1.1)
vgm2tfi.zip (V1.1)

Post whatever links or archives you can find.  I'll edit this post with whichever ones we can muster up.

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/8586/ … ooooohhhh/

Hey, I helped you make an on-topic topic!  No need to thank me. smile  But if you do want to thank me, just call me an asshole or talk about the ENIO. smile

Telerophon wrote:

This is so much better than my idea for an NES X-Band!

(Just kidding, that would be a terrible idea. My point is that it is astounding how versus-over-WAN is such an amazing idea to bring to the NES, and that's maybe 5% of all the cool shit this thing can do.)

derekb wrote:

I really don't see a river city random 2 wiiware game coming out at this point unless it gets shifted to wii u or 3ds

There actually was a GBA port/remake of River City Ransom, called River City Ransom EX.

There have been murmurs of a true "River City Ransom 2" for a while now, but it looks like vaporware from where I'm reading about it.

This is an interesting topic.

He responded with the minimum bankswitching capabilities.  This means that we could finally load the max 1MB NSFs on hardware.  PowerPak only allows 256KB max in size NSFs.