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Aww...  No freemasonry theme?


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I would like to see what AANA was working on with all of the previous C64 documents on the site.  Demos, plz.

Try looking up a couple combinations of these words on Google.

VRC7, FamiTracker, PPMCK, TNS-HFC3, TNS-HFC4, NESdev Wiki, etc...

2600 isn't really fun to work with if you like other synths.  Most notes are detuned and there really isn't a full scale of any key.

If you can get past that fact, it's really fun to work with.


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Best 2600 music to date.

Keep it up, ilmarque.  Love you, brother.

Who did the artwork?  It looks like a strange kabbalah.


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Alright.  I have a strange scenario now.  I haven't been back to my place for weeks now and I'm not sure if I'm going back there any time soon.  I'm at my girlfriend's house and she has a MacBook.  I've obtained root access on it and SchismTracker, MilkyTracker, and DefleMask now work on it.  However, the MacBook is missing essential keys like insert, delete, etc.  DefleMask currently doesn't map all Mac keys properly for Mac OS X and I've submitted a bug report to Delek's forum.

Does anybody currently track on a Macbook and what are their experiences?  Are there any good ways to make chip music on a Macbook other than using emulators for older computers that have tracking programs?

I'm not installing Parallels on this thing.  I'm trying to do my best to not take over her laptop entirely and keep it resembling a comfortable environment that she's able to do her business, schoolwork, etc.

I went there and it started to stream Martha Stewart's home office.  And it wasn't even live.

What's going on here? O_o

The tool is a tempermental bitch and very unforgiving too.  The way I was making my song by importing the IT into MilkyTracker, doing my thing, then importing it into SchismTracker.  In SchismTracker I made sure to add the right comment commands so that the SuperNSF parser knew this was a file it could use.  I saved as IT in SchismTracker.  Afterward, I imported into ModPlug Tracker and double-checked the comment commands and saved as IT in ModPlug Tracker.  For some reason SuperNSF would like to process it and it worked after that convoluted cycle of nonsense.

chipocrite wrote:

Got this a few months ago when booted up a cartridge after I tried to flash it with a new version of LSDJ....

As I commented at the time, if that's the new interface, damn, it has been STREAMLINED.

That's common.  Looks like a corrupted GB header that cannot properly reference the BIOS or a failed CRC check.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … 94w#t=627s

An idea for the SID would for 2 channels being standard SID and one being able to switch between PCM mode and SID mode given different instrument parameters.

I have a few Game Boy music engines that I've received from specific commercial game coders that import XM/IT and have their own instrumentation formats.  I'm in the long process of making things a little more use friendly and adding the ability to export GBS.  Not releasable at the moment and maybe not for a while.


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Fine, I will listen to #69 next year too.  Good number.


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According to the Game Boy schematic:

The cart edge pin 31 "VIN (or Voice IN)" routes to the "CPU" pin 61, which most likely goes through a mixer, and out L and R (audio) OUT pins.

This means that in potential it's very possible to develop an FPGA/CPLD-based Game Boy flash cart with additional expansion audio.  More or less since the source is open, Nintendo PowerPak logic could be copy/pasted with a couple tweaks and VRC6/"MMC6"/etc. could be added as additional sound channels coming in from the flash cart, to the "CPU" and out the speakers/headphones jack.  The only downfall is that expansion audio would have to be monophonic.

Food for thought for all you potential flash cart developers.

Also, LSDJ could potentially have new toys to play with.

I debugged the Project S-11 music engine and found out that in order for WAV RAM to be written to that the WAV channel needs to be off.  So the WAV channel is being turned on and off very rapidly which induces the clicking of the samples.  I posted about this on the NESdev forum.  Furthermore, I confirmed this on hardware with beware of the emulator BGB.

I wonder if the higher refresh rates of LSDJ and makes the clicking of the WAV channel pulsation less audible.


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