yo this is pretty sweet


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Band Saga tells the story of a boy with a dream of starting a band with his friends when things take a turn for the worst. A mysterious girl is the only one who knows why thugs, aliens and life itself seem to be out to kill him. Will he survive the new hardships laid before him and fulfill his dream?

released 20 June 2014
This album released courtesy of UBIKTUNE.COM !

All songs were written, performed and engineered by Roger 'Rekcahdam' Hicks (www.rekcahdam.com) featuring the artists below:

"New Game"
- Background harmonies and soft synths by Rich Vreeland
- www.disasterpeace.com

"Well Momma"
- Female Vocals by Lydia Marsala (of Bright Primate)
- brightprimate.bandcamp.com
- Second Verse by Random (aka MegaRan)
- megaran.com

"The Sun, The Moon and The Earth"
- Piano by Aivi Tran
- aivitran.com
- Rhythm and Lead Guitar by Grant Henry (Stemage)
- www.stemagemusic.com

"Thinkin' 'Bout A Crush"
- Female Vocals by Laura Shigihara
- www.youtube.com/supershigi
- Violin by Jeff Ball
- jeffball.bandcamp.com

"Self Modifying Code"
- Glitchy Rhythm and Lead Guitar by Grant Henry (Stemage)
- www.stemagemusic.com
- Hype Vocals by Rav
- soundcloud.com/r-av

"Out Of This World"
- Female Vocals by Chelsea Davis
- platinumhitfactory.com
- Lead Guitar by Danimal Cannon
- danimalcannon.bandcamp.com

"Dreamin' (A Back Pack Story)"
- Female Vocal Sample by Martina Chevalier
- Piano Sample by Misfit Chris
- misfitchris.bandcamp.com


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hahah! why so specific?


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YAY! Hey huge shoutouts to Crystal Labs for glorious album art and cassette design


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oh hey ill go

quite legit!


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how is transferring and backup handled? aka "is there proprietary software and drivers that will never be updated"

could be amazing. that atmegatron chip is badassss


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herr_prof wrote:

Please please please consider a fully enclosed version.

^ this. one hundred times this.com

though ill almost certainly still get the current version anyway


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^ perfect info. exactly what i was looking for thx


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ive been sort of holding out for SD cart tech because that is white whale holy grail, but i dunno, i dont want to die of old age first


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hey, so ive been out of the cart game loop for a bit, but am wondering what is currently available or what i should be waiting for. i recall there are a few new ones in development etc etc but can't keep track of what where when etc.

i want some new tech carts. what are my options?

im surprised that nobody has posted the new 8bit betty album, which is without a doubt the most maximum vocaloid / chip album ive ever heard: http://8bitbetty.bandcamp.com/album/fake-the-bitters


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this update is The Shit. it took iOS nanoloop from 'a fun to play with musical toy' to 'legit as fuck' territory. agreed that audiobus integration would be perfection, but wifi midi sync is (for me at least) more essential to integrating it with existing setups.

the easy to adjust variable pattern length is a huuuuuge deal


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LOLWTF "Something Beautiful" is chipzel obviously, and a poor rip of it. Jesus these people.


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i have a few im proud of, and none of them are released, so HAVE AT EM:

Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell:
http://weeklytreats.bandcamp.com/track/ … -taco-bell

Sexy & I Know It:

and just in time for the holidays.... Linux and Lucy: