Maybe he got arrested? Maybe he died?


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Can you post a pic of this installed in your gameboy? I mean with the wires going to where they need to go? I sort of wish I could just desolder the wires from the existing amp and put them right into this.

Now if I could get the same thing for the voltage regulator.


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RJL wrote:

I had never heard of Mother before


Dude, legendary game and soundtrack. Both Mother and Mother 2 (earthbound in the us) soundtrack's were composed by none other than Hip Tanaka, creator of the Game boy's sound chip and countless other soundtracks. He's truly a legend. I would go so far as to say that your album reminding me of Mother is the equivalent to saying someone reminds you of Jesus. Hahaha.


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I like this! Really relaxing. Almost reminds me of the Mother 1 soundtrack in some way. What kind of mastering was used to get the lo fi sounds? Did you just run it through a tape deck?

L-tron wrote:

Totally! You wouldn't see a thread here "so and so has a new album" followed by comments about how the music sucks and everyone thinks their music is better...

I wasn't trying to say my music was better. I was just saying, if this guy, who is an actual musician (and a pretty good one at that) that makes actual money and has actual fans, and his album is only approximately better than anything I can ever hope to make, then I feel better about myself.

I guess I can see the reasoning behind this track. I mean, it just sounds like he's making straight up house on a gameboy, which is cool and not really done a ton. And the relative simplicity of the track was also encouraging to me. It's possible to make decent music without "crashing my gameboy because I had so many crazy tables going on at once".

But at the end of the day, it just sounds like a track he whipped up on a plane ride, and then sort of forgot about it till one day he played it through and amp and called it good. No doubt in my mind he could make a truly killer and impressive release if he wanted to, he has more musical talent than I have in my pinky toe. But he just didn't. It's half way there, and within the context of this release, it's totally fine.

Really I guess I'm glad he's releasing it. I think too often great stuff goes unreleased because it's not up to an artist's quality standard, and I think we lose a ton of really cool interesting stuff there.

It's not that bad....not that good either. Makes me feel a lot better about my music though!


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Is it horrible if I actually sort of like this? Totally not 8 bit by any means, but it has that kitsch appeal of midi rips. Reminds me of buying ringtones on my cell phone back in the day.

QuietMind wrote:
stargazer wrote:

Wine 1.6.1, installed via WineBottler. WineBottler sucks, but it's pretty much the easiest way to install wine. Just download it and copy over wine, but not wine bottler. Be careful too, his download page is scam central.

That worked for me. Thanks for your help!

No prob, glad I could help.

Wine 1.6.1, installed via WineBottler. WineBottler sucks, but it's pretty much the easiest way to install wine. Just download it and copy over wine, but not wine bottler. Be careful too, his download page is scam central.

Works fine for me. I'm using BGB 1.5.1, on OSX Yosemite.


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What a great writeup. I too had this game as a kid, and had absolutely no clue how to play it. I do remember the music. It was so very rewarding to get to a save point and hear basically the only true melody in the game, then back to wasteland. I also remember how textured the metroids sounds when hit with a missile. I mean, that very well could be what some kind of alien life form sounds like when hurt.

On a side note, there's a pretty decent remake under active development. After seeing this post I played it for about an hour and a half and haven't reached the end yet. I think it's about 50% finished so far.

Let me get this straight: Someone based in Denver is producing these and selling them on ebay. DSC is suspected, but not confirmed. He has not defended himself against the allegations. At the same time, yogi discovered that the full source for basically everything was posted online as part of littlescale's master's thesis, so now presumably anyone could make one of these with little to no effort involved.

Excuse me while I go throw up. This is disgusting.


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Here is an imgur album of all the tests' output:


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nitro2k01 wrote:

Also, if anyone with an exploitable 3DS feels like it, I would like to see the following ROMs executed on Nintendo's emulator to see how accurate it is.

I'll work on this for you. Just video?


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Recently it was discovered that the 3ds' browser could be exploited for various things. One of those things was custom rom 'injection' into the virtual console Gameboy Color emulator. A video with instructions:

I decided to try out LSDJ using this exploit. It was successful, but the emulator did not pass LSDJ's sav ram check. Video:


Download code.bin and place it on the root of the 3ds' SD card:

Get your LSDJ rom, and rename it rom.gbc, also place it on the SD card root.

Load your virtual console game, and go to the virtual console menu (press on the touch screen)

From the VC menu, press home.

Load your web browser and point it to

It will load for a minute, and then the bottom screen will turn one of three colors:
Green - You're good to go!
Yellow - Rom issue
Red - Failed

Assuming you have green, press home again and go back into your VC game.

Press reset.

If everything worked, your custom rom should now load!

If anyone has ideas on how to get LSDJ to load, that would be awesome!

TylerBarnes wrote:

I guess getting these only to people that have paid for them will be tricky cause people will just say "Oh I didn't receive mine, let me have one of those too"

Not really, I think it would be very similar to an LSDJ proof of license. Unless you're talking more about someone that paid for one, received it, and wants to buy another one for cheap. Even in that case, I feel like the amount of people that didn't get what they paid for and would like one outweigh the amount of people that received one.

It's a dilemma for me though. Two wrongs don't make a right, but it seems like a huge wrong justifies a smaller one.