If littlescale is against it, at least he'll have to come out of hiding to voice it.


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What would we be looking at a full price breakdown? I guess I didn't realize YM2612's are readily available.

Dude, that royally sucks. From experience, Greyhound is one of the absolute worst companies I have ever dealt with. I'm bordering going full super-sayan right now even thinking about it.

I don't really have any of the stuff you want, but you should send that amiibo pic to tiny cartridge. They're ALWAYS posting custom amiibo stuff. Probably could drive a fair bit of business your way.


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A few months ago, herr_prof came up with this astounding idea:

herr_prof wrote:

...of course it also begs for GBA sized dmg flash carts.

My dreams.

Well, dreams do come true. At least for some of us. I'm proud to present to you BennVenn's 128m cart, housed in a gba shell! (Full disclosure: I'm not trying to take credit for anyone else's idea/hard work. I just think this is really awesome!)

It's all pretty straight forward and pictures are worth a thousand words:

Needs to have the notches filled in to flip the DMG switch in the GBA:


Final Thoughts:

This was flashed prior to BennVenn updated his LSDJ patch. I'd like to be able to get it flashed with the updated rom so I don't have to deal with the multiple roms.

I would also like an extender of sorts to be able to fit the cart into a normal gameboy. Obviously this is counter intuitive, and a mega mem currently works fine for this purpose.

Speaking of mega memory, that also seems to work fine with this. With the sav limitations in my current rom, it only restores the first song of a sav to the first rom on a cart. I'm assuming the new patch will eliminate this.

danimal cannon wrote:


Sorry, I wasn't trying to be negative to Kris.

*shows self out*

According to Nilay Patel's twitter, this ad will only run in a rural Montana market. The video is supposed to be making fun of tech commercials that aren't about anything.

Congratulations Kris, how cool is that!?

Dire Hit wrote:

That ad has no information as to what they actually do.

People keep saying this, but I don't understand what else they're supposed to do. I know nothing about marketing, so I'm legitimately curious to hear some ideas that would have been better. To me, the commercial shows a bunch of clips from videos on their site, and piques interest in visiting the site, which I think is what they want to do.

asmretro wrote:
stargazer wrote:

Woah, thanks for that ebay link. I wonder if ASM's molds leaked or something?

We were really scratching our heads when these surfaced, especially since there's a clear orange that looks very similar to ours. It's definitely not our mold though. We own the mold, so it can't "leak" per se.

I was thinking that you had these cast in China somewhere, and the molds were there and then the factory used your molds without your permission. Glad to know you're not getting ripped off though!

Stoked for new colors. Is it lame if I'm REALLy hoping for white?

Woah, thanks for that ebay link. I wonder if ASM's molds leaked or something?

I happened across nintendo repair hut last night and noticed they're selling new replacement shells for DMGs. They have Grey, Black PiL, Yellow PiL, and translucent orange/red.

It also looks like they have a full line of all gameboy battery covers.

http://www.nintendorepairhut.com/repair … items.html

Xuriik wrote:

YES, YES, YES. I just found a cheap Mega Memory Card on ebay and got it for than purpose, but I've heard those are dodgy and often fail.

From experience, this is true. I'll back savs up, leave it for a few months, come back and they're gone.

DSC, pm'ed (like 5 times on accident)

If I've already purchased a cart and linker, how do I go about updating them? Will I need to purchase a flasher as well?


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+1 for infite nes lives. You need to buy an sx-rom cart. when I got mine he was kind enough to flash it for me as well. He also sells cart shells, so be sure to pick one of those up as well.

Great release! No vice writeup though?


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Double post.