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I remember seeing Nullsleep in New York for Blip. I think it was 2011. It was the day the Christian Rapture was supposed to happen or something... I remember it rained a lot for a very short period of time. May 21st.

Felt like Nullsleep was bringin' down judgement upon us all. He was gunna be there when the end came.


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Me too, man.


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Haven’t posted in like... 5 years.
Trackers rule.


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This kills. Nice bass sound.

Never got in on the action the first time around... here 'goes!

I'm late 20s, living in Canada. I have a music degree, with a minor in history. I also have a teaching degree with teachables of music and history. After supply-teaching for a year I decided I didn't want to be a full-time teacher. I'm still supplying, but am currently doing an I.T. security program (Information Security Management), and will be looking into a career in I.T. security once that's done in April.

Otherwise, I've worked at a couple summer camps since about 2009. I've worked with children with special needs (Autism, down syndrome, etc.) at said camps to ensure they have the most enjoyable time possible. I also ran the music specialty at the camps. This is the first year I won't be going back, as I'll be looking for a full-time I.T. position.

I live in a beautiful city with my fiance, where we're getting married in about 6 months. I'm more of a home-body, pretty easy-going, and try to stay positive as much as possible. I think that's about it... oh I love poutine.

In terms of headphones, +1 for KOSS UR20. I have an older pair that are still going strong. Flat frequency response, no emphasis in any given area. REALLY helps with determining which ranges need what.
I have a pair of M-audio BX8as. They are expensive, and good, and all that jazz, but I would trade them for monitors with a flatter response/curve. They are far too bass-y to be consistently accurate, and consistency in your headphones/monitors is key.

That works:)

Are Drag'n'Derps still around? I have 2. Looks like they've been "out of stock" since 2015?

Could never get the ems command line to work on mac... I'm very happy to see this. Thanks a ton!

Side-note. I've been playing some games on retroarch, which uses .srm as it's sav, but when I try to drop it on an actual cart, it doesn't work. Does anyone know anything about how to convert .srm to .sav? Found a converter tool here: http://libretro.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1043 but for some reason it won't run in win8.1.

Ello ello,

I've searched far and wide, and can't seem to find technology that lets you put multiple spc's on one rom for soundtrack/album collection play. VMG_PLAY by deadfish shitware allows this on genesis, and the classic .nsf allows this on NES.
Found this thread: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/4304/ … r-for-nes/ with SPC player for SNES, but it allows only one spc per smc/rom.
I've also stumbled upon the .sp2 file format here:  http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?t=8558 but I can't get it to work... stated that it needs a player made for the format since it needs unpacking inherently.
http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Battle/2087/Comments/ This page on BotB (the second last comment) shows B00daw saying an sp2 player is in the works... but maybe nothing came out of this? I've messaged kevtris on youtube, but no answer so far.

This is the closest I've come so far.

I know it could be because the separate tracks communicate differently with the CPU, but I was wondering if the gurus here might have any more info for me.

Also posted on [s]nesdev


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The hosting site changed their address I suppose.


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YO this thread is hella old, but I can't find deadfish shitware's vgm_play anywhere. I keep stumbling upon random copycats that let you play vgm files in command line, but nothing that changes vgm to .bin (aka the original vgm_play posted here).

Can anyone help out here?

EDIT: Literally one second after bumping this I found it. Ma bad, jeeves.


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Amazing! I know lots of people who still use this cart over the drag n derp. This makes it a lot easier for us unix users:) thanks!


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I suppose it's like any hometown hero going out into the world, 'making it big' (comparitevly). They nestled on the Chipmusic teet like some of us do/did, so now we're attached. And when I say we're attached, I don't mean all of us.


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Anyone else think they're going the way of PC music? Not disappointed, A. G. Cook is a boss.


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cyancoloneels wrote:

What do you guys think about the speculation that this is just one huge B-Sides dump?  Do you think any of these tracks are actually from [USA], or are they all just rejectees?

I'd say there's a good chance that that's right.