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XyNo wrote:

This album is absolutely great !!! Bien joué Fab...big love !!! big_smile heart

heyyy merci là smile


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catskull wrote:

That intro for Marvelous is great. How do you do that fade in/fade out effect in LSDJ?

Hi, it's just a simple volume envelope command smile, check the LSDJ effect command reference here: http://battleofthebits.org/lyceum/View/ … s+Commands


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Evil Scientist wrote:

Too good man, such a sick release. You were one of the first artists I came across on 8bc, shame this is the end! What's next?

Hi, thanks for the kind words !
I started a separate (i.e. non chiptune) musical project. This stuff is still in Beta but I plan to put out an EP at the end of the summer smile


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Hi all, here's a little release. Dead Pixels represents 7 years of Dr. Von Pnok, summed up in 7 tracks.


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Ok I guess I'll listen to this only one time and then destroy my computer.


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DaPantz wrote:

- Use HopStop.com to get around! SERIOUSLY. It's a godsend. For those who don't know, it's a website (and app) that allows you to input a "From" and "To" address, along with some other options, and it'll show you how to get there via public transportation. What's really nice is that it takes changes that you won't see reflected on maps into account, like construction and such.

I use Embark NYC is a great app that let you plan your trip even without a signal. Only useful for MTA, though.

chipocrite wrote:

No excitement over the schedule??

May be they all got Heart Attacks after reading it.


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The guy is clearly french.

Ready for 5 more years ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrAgs4Bx … e=youtu.be


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Recently bought a BeyerDynamic DT 770 Pro
Relatively flat response and not too much dynamics. Really comfortable if you're using them for long periods. Quite a good isolation from surrounding noise.

I heard the 880 are even better, worth a try maybe.

You select and scan the "footprint" of the noise you want to remove then you run the denoiser. Their algorithm is quite powerfull, it scans the whole song and attenuates/remove (depending on parameters you choose) everything that looks like the noise profile you captured. There's some resynthesis going on as well, you can edit the frequency spectrum with photoshop-like tools. It is a quite complete solution for audio cleaning in general.

I use Izotope RX, quite efficient to remove any hum/buzz/background noise.


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THIS was the party of the century !!

how do you know they're not poisonous ? by asking them ?


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This video recorded in Rome at a Vj'ing tournament shows Vj Realmyop's new toys; Already know for the Megaglitch (a circuit bent sega megadrive), he is currently working with furtekk on the development of a Vj software for the Megadrive/Genesis called Vjenesis.



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Rico Z wrote:

this album is high polished gold.