It's easy to jot down your ideas and thoughts of music into a playable format.

If it sounds alright on your headphones it's probably gonna sound alright through a speaker too.

The limits of what sound it can produce and sharp tones can become tiring and restricting to use after some time.

Recently I've been talking to the group Trinity Lo-Fi who've been producing chip-dub music by sampling and adding effects onto chip sounds. They've also added layers of sub-basses and lyrics too which creates a greater depth and different approach to it:-

EDIT:- Wording

I thought I'd share something I've been working with for a while:-

I cut up some vocal accapellas from early House songs and recorded some chords which were then sampled and programmed in LSDj - it came out like this.


Just wanted to say I recently ordered some prosound/backlight dmg/gameboys from Joe Bleeps .

Communication was easy and prices were reasonable - delivery was really fast. Overall positive all around.


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jefftheworld wrote:

Technically, yes. Realistically, no.

If you find a really good deal on a replacement LCD PCB, the swap would be easy, but you'll almost never see them for sale and replacing the LCD alone is very difficult (and you're even less likely to find the replacement part).

That said, game Boys are dirt cheap on the used market, so it'll be cheaper and easier to just buy a new one and, if you're really attached to the housing of the one you've got, swap the LCD PCB in.

Thanks for the reply, it looks like it would be easier/cheaper to just get a new console or swap the LCD/PCB in than to replace the LCD screen itself.


I have a gig tomorrow and I'm in a pretty desperate situation - A backlight gameboy screen is broken and I wondered if this is at all possible to fix.


Whenever I put a cartridge into it, the Gameboy was so light that I couldn't even see the nintendo or lsdj screen load. Then suddenly it broke out into this image which you see above.

I wondered what would it take to replace the screen?  I don't really want to replace it completely - Would it be possible to insert a new screen?

Any replies would be really appreciated. - Thanks

I like how although people/artists use similar programs/hardware to make music with, they all come out with completely different sounds and music to one another at the same time. Considering how limited and dated some programs are, it's still inspiring to see what people are doing today with using these programs and how they're approaching or utilising it to create new music with.

I personally think that it's just as important to also look outside the scope of chipmusic too, there's like a vast amount of history to electronic music just sitting there to be listened to.

Not chip though I thought I'd share this track by the producer Daniel Avery who has some really interesting music; how he's using sounds to create droned rhythmical patterns with - very similar to how Nanoloop can be used.

Recently found this label too called Strictly Rhythm from America which date back to the late 80's. They put out some great tracks that's worth a look at I think.

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J3wel wrote:

you can find him just by searching his name on google... message him on facebook/twitter thats probably your best bet!

Are you in contact with him? Could you ask him to check his Soundcloud mail when he can. - I dropped him an email there.

J3wel wrote:

Message joe bleeps smile

Cheers, does Joe Bleeps have a link you can give so I could contact him?


I'm in need of three prosound and backlight gameboys.

What kind of price would I be looking at to get three made and sent to the UK?


Cheers for replies though I'm back in cold and rainy England, was able to play at a few open mic events when I was in NZ. People smoke so much weed over there haha.

Fauxhound wrote:

Hey we just had this made, NZCHIP is still going pretty strong

Nice video and jams. New Zealand has a really nice alternative music scene. Which venue was this at? Was it at Homies Cosy Teahouse in Wellington?

Event name:- Christmas Special: Milk the Cow vs Antidote vs Ghetto Method

'A 3 room spectacular bringing together the main elements and true essence of the party, uniting the clans, old and new in sacrifice to the gods of rave to mark Baby Jesus's birthday.' - hey event

Venue:- Greys Club, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Date:- Friday 11th December 2015
Time:- 10pm-4am
Price:- £8 - 13.50
Age:- 18+

Playing a 20/30 minute live gameboy set with 4x gameboys at this upcoming event, have a lot of new material to play including a cover of Your Love by Frankie Knuckles. Everyone's welcome to come though it's a 18+ event.

Other than that it sounds like a lively event coming up with Gabber, Acid House, Techno and more styles of music being played by other DJ's in the various rooms through the night.

Link:- … ruoldskool


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Nice release and art work, digging the track Dennye and the use of drum samples. Congrats with 10 years of making music too.

Haven't got any money spare though will donate some soon when I have some.


Created this thread to see if anyone else has encountered trouble with carts corrupting/losing data all the time?

In my experience usually something triggers the cartridge to corrupt though out of nowhere I recently again just lost a lot of instruments and sounds the past few days which regrettably did not back up, nor do I remember so well how I created all of them precisely.

I understand it's not the most reliable equipment to make music on though after enough times of this reoccurring has anyone else felt like not wanting to create further music as a result of losing so much music with corrupt files/data?


Don't need anything from this list anymore -

Sorry for another post, everything's falling apart today lol

Having another issue with a different console, A dmg/gameboy which is backlight flicks randomly between backlight and not backlight or inbetween the two. Though it's not until I open the battery cover and fiddle with the battery and connectors does the backlight relight itself until eventually flickering again.

Has anyone else experienced this issue before?