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When I started pigging 10 years ago and the development was still active, I asked Marc about automating mutes/solo with commands. Marc said he didn't see the point and I wasn't able to convincingly explain it to him because, to be honest, there isn't one wink

10 years in and I can't remember a single occurrence of me thinking "damn I wish I could automate those"

what you are describing can be done easily with KILL and VOLM as bleo pointed out.

Keep in mind that the soloing isn't hapening at zero crossings, and is thus clicky as fuck to start with.

finally, regarding " if i could duplicate 3 phrases instead of 5 just to provide a 3 channel solo" I cannot fathom what you are talking about but remember: less is more ;P


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BLEO wrote:

Ok this will force me to learn this thing finally. Almost whined I only have an everdrive N8 but then I rembered someone's powepak is hanging in my studio. Booya.

this is going to be fucking ACE


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I've always attributed the lack of success to the fact that mostly all NES composers are using Famicom and are really satisfied/lazy wink

PR8 offers unique features that would be HELL to program in famitracker, this is where it shines! Mostly this is found in the Echo feature and the voice stealing: each of PR8's "track" can use as many channels as it wants. there are 6 tracks and they steal channels from each other in a given order of priority.

The thing is: YOU HAVE TO READ THE MANUAL. PR8 is heavily influenced by the Elektron sequencers, which have a reputation for their learning curve. The whole point is of course to think differently, and thus produce different things!

don't wait until the last minute or you will not get shit done wink read the manual twice, have a few dates with your NES just fucking around... it's worth it!



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You'd have to try the 3DS emulator but afaik only nestopia had it's code modified to accomodate the custom maper/custom save file format

more PR8, me remixing Neil's demo track for the new SPD range I had requested

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/200 … C3N%29.mp3


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Domu I'm doing a set tonight and you inspired me to bring the NES along for the sole purpose of playing that one PR8 song hehe


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I run it on a powerpak

there were a couple of bugs which I reported and got fixed. I think right now some might experience a tuning bug (it might just be me being crazy) on NTSC.

afaik it works well on nestopia as well

the finickiness is that is uses custom sav files which are only supported by netsopia and powerpak, iirc


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YES! I'm in. If anyone is curious, here is what I've done with it so far.



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hahah wilba you motherfucker.

to you defense I was also unaware that pollack was *that* offensive...




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Scannerboy I was 100% ok with your project until you lashed out at famed midibox community members. I know very well who TK is and have been part of the midibox community since 2009 iirc.

While TK's platform design is free for non commercial use, the layout you use (sammich sid) is wilba's creation. that being said, I don't mind you offering lower cost alternatives and whatnot, but don't come here calling the original author of the design a "little kid" because that reflects poorly on you.


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Who's acting like a kid now? Nils and Wilba are fucking legends when it comes to the design that you completely ripped off (not that you are not allowed) so show some fucking respect.

Wilba: Dude wtf, I'm so glad to hear you're ok, had no clue you were involved in an accident. My heart skipped a beat when herr_prof informed us on #HEXAWE. I really hope you're going to make a 100% recovery, we can't afford to lose you wink


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I ran out


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EGR: haha I actually had that in mind while posting the other thing. CARL G. JUNG UP IN DAT SHIT


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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?


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Limitbreak wrote:

Because fuck you thats why.

Shocked I was the first to say it...I'm  probably missing the point of this thread though...assuming there is one.

I think you are missing the point of life. Take this thread as a challenge, Outdo yourself. Remix your consciousness. Ask yourself

For why? Your how? And thus whom?

Liberate yourself within the limit while time is still inside the limited time of the time limit.

EDIT: I wrote within twice.


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ah fuck I accidentally the whole thread x_X


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that screenshot doesn't seem right...