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Also, nice "shading" on my skin tone. lulz


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A testament to how lazy I am:

Casio CK 500
Casio WK 210
Casio SA 8
Casio CT 460 (not pictured, in a suitcase)
Casio CT 640 (not pictured, on the way)
And a DSi with nothing on it...yet!

The other half of Teh Shortsleeves has 2 dmgs + lsdj.

Also, we're setting ourselves up for the largest chip gear robbery of all time. I imagine it'll be quite the caper and we'll have no one to blame but our dumbselves tongue

Nao with moar pixls!

Most extreme thanks to everyone that got Facundo’d at the November benefit edition of Pulsewave. With your help, we were able to raise over $700 for Facundo’s legal fees.  We at Pulsewave want to thank our fans for supporting us all year with reduced admission of just $5 to Yuletoons: #pulsewavenondenominationalwinterholidayedition! We’re giving you an extra long open mic, a set by Halloween open mic winner Tony Ness, sick jams from Shrimps,  Rockman all the way from Bogota and visuals by newcomer Chromacle from Philly! In addition to a night of pixely cheer: fresh off a European tour with Touchboy, beloved Natty returns to Pulsewave to make your booty shake in that special way with DJ sets throughout the night. Let’s close out the last Pulsewave of 2010 with a blizzard of lowbit goodness!

We couldn’t bring you the orgiastic joy of Pulsewave without The Tank, who is raising money for their end of the year campaign. As the price of entertainment continues to soar, The Tank still offers an average ticket price of only $7.00. We need your support to keep it that way. As a challenge to the entire Tank community, several generous supporters are sponsoring a one-to-one donation match. Every dollar donated to The Tank between now and the end of the year, up to $5,000, will be matched. That means that your generosity will go twice as far. At The Tank, we know that you have many choices as to where you direct your tax-deductible donations for the year, and appreciate you choosing The Tank as one of the charitable organizations you decide to support as the year comes to an end. To donate online, visit www.thetanknyc.org/membership

ramiro navarro aka Rockman ‘s brings his Game Boy Drum N’ Bass assault direct to the USA after a number of high profile club showcases throughout Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina, as well as his native Columbia. One of a handful of US dates this winter, do not miss out!  http://8bc.org/music/rockmanN

SHRIMPS is a chip-funk duo from Geneva, NY.  One half B.Leo (aka dotdUmmy), one half Joe Calabrese (aka Beeftheque), the mission is to eschew the groove limitations of sequenced music in favor of live chip instrumentation performed entirely by hand.  Everything you hear is the product of pure man/machine estrus made without the aid of loops, sequences, or sampled phrases.  SHRIMPS have been all-up-on compilations including Kittenrock's Pornochip and the 8bitoperators' WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD Vol. 1. http://shrimps.dummydrome.com/

Sunset Park Brooklyn's native son Tony Ness brings dark 8- bit beats using 2 gameboys with a sprinkle of hip-hop vocal flava! www.myspace.com/tonynessmusicpage

Natty is Nathaniel Adams: Writer, Composer, and Performer. He uses portable devices to make pop music for the romantic, the melancholy, and the slightly mad. He's recently back in New York from a European tour with Touchboy from Toronto.

Known to many of you as pixls, Chromacle is the pseudonym by which Jake Beadenkopf makes and performs live visual compositions. Taking advantage of modern glitches and graphic creations, Chromacle creates retina tearing images that will leave you wondering where you left your eyeballs. www.chromacle.com

Event Details:
Doors at 8:00 P.M.
All Ages – $5
The Tank
354 West 45th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
A, C, E, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, B, D, F, V, S, or 7 to 42nd Street
Tweet @pulsewave !

Thanks for the videos Jessen!

We're pretty stoked about playin!

We think Kris Keyser deserves a gold star for waiting patiently in the wings for us to get our act together. After months of shows and preparation, we’re proud to announce Kris Keyser’s “Staring into Squares” as the latest addition to the Cheese’N’Beer family. Check out the *pow* amazing artwork by Chromix!

Pay what you wish and stream “Staring into Squares” at Bandcamp!

“Staring Into Squares” Tracklisting:

01 - Infinite Saturday
02 - So I Slept In
03 - Radionecrosis
04 - Workend
05 - Rockem Sockem

Kris Keyser is just another guy with a Game Boy. Having hopped from instrument to instrument in his over 10 years of music making, Kris has finally found his perfect match in the portable powerhouse known as Little Sound DJ.  In his relatively short time in the chip scene, Kris has jumped from relative unknown to relative known, playing chipscene institutions I/O and Pulsewave and making countless feet move and brains melt.

An amalgamation of fun and ferocity, Staring Into Squares is Kris Keyser’s first official release as a chip musician.   From the uninhibited joy of “Infinite Saturday (Long Weekend Mix)” to the full-on fist-pumping fury of “Radionecrosis”, the five tracks that comprise the release are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some fire in your heart.

So...Facundo....how's that release coming along?

Video on the way (this weekend). And we all got rightfully Facundo'd.


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Marjorie's photos are online now: http://www.chiptography.com/2010/05/che … -2010.html

OH guys....Forest World has only 1 "r" in it.

Can't wait, been listening to them all dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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Yo Gabba Gabba was created by the singer from The Aquabats!!

Sorry I cursed so much!  •(◐﹏◐)•

Also, Facundo suggested that we use his face as a template for flyers from now on.
(thanks Marjorie)