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Orgia Mode wrote:

Not sure if its just a demo or if the author released the full ROM itself.

I believe the demo is just like oliver's original cart rom, except you can't save? Anyway that catskull 10 bucks cart is a great option for having different game boy programs.


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Chippanze presents:

Gala - Underwater bioacoustics

Aquatic chipmusic produced with nanoloop mono + 2 nanovoice cartridges + korg volcas (keys, bass, and fm) + korg monotron delay + yamaha pss 470 + a bunch of guitar effect pedals.

Each track is recorded in one take, with no post processing except for fading in and out, some notch filter, and normalisation.

[Chippanze's staff note: we all love Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and all those good old people from the Berlin-School and we think everyone should definitely buy this album and dig deep into its underwater soundwaves; have a gute nacht.]


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Orgia Mode wrote:

then everyone who has ever prosound modded a gameboy is misunderstanding the purpose of it that children's toy.

Oliver's device was carefully designed for music-making, not Tetris-playing.

Starting 2019 (and celebrating Chippanze's 10th anniversary), here's the new collab album produced by sound artists Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (aka Byte.clone, Finland) and Joss Manley (UK). Samples in 8-bit 8svx format, sequenced in a Commodore Amiga running Octamed, then reprocessed on several platforms (Linux, Aros). The result is an extreme experiment in sample manipulation, chaotic beats and a slight European vibe from the early 90s.


Tracking/programming: Joss Manley & Byte.clone (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen)

Artwork: Cal Wood (Precocious Mouse)

Promo video: Pulselooper


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This release is what makes chipmusic still interesting and challenging for me.

Thank you tMt and Bit Rot.


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Installed it and I'm really enjoying scratching my dirty fingers in those dirty waveforms. People from LGPT and sample-based trackers will love the fact you can load your waveform samples and FM-ize them.

Still must have the time to dig through the manual. I'm glad you put step pause on the android version. Any chance of having NL2 random sequencing? That's what I miss most from the android and iOS versions (along with step pause that is present now).

Thank you for the great work as always, Oliver.


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Loving this very much.


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Bit Shifter wrote:

Great release. Got the disks not long ago, felt good to fire up my old floppy drive for this!

You've listened to the floppies first than I did! smile


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Oliver, the King of PCB's.


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the mist toggles wrote:

just realised that i forgot to comment here about this.
this is one of the best chip-related releases i have heard so far.
solid work as always.
very good taste in the sound design department.

Always a pleasure hearing such comments coming from you buddy. Write you back soon (promise!).


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Thank you guys for listening and for the kind support.
@e.s.c., I'll throw you a PM. Chippanze is doing its 10 years anniversary this year and it'll be nice to have you back onboard.


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Released and distributed by UK label Bit Rot, this album was produced using a Brazilian clone of the Nintendo Entertainment System running the sequencer software CajoNES, a Game Boy running the software Nanoloop Mono, a circuit-bent Roland TR-505 drum machine and a Yamaha PSS-480 2-op FM keyboard.

Live improvisations of these machines went through a mini-kaoss pad FX unit and then recorded and layered on 4-track cassettes using a Tascam Portastudio 02mkII.

The album is avaliable in both digital format and in two neon diskettes presented in a transparent grey case - each containing a new 64kbps track not present on the digital release.

Artwork by A M K A D E.


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機械:PSP 3000 CPUシステムクロック周波数1〜333 MHz

Droid-ON has left Brazil and is now living in Japan. This is his 16th album, it celebrates his 10th project's anniversary and is loaded with crazy samples manipulation and acieed basslines.

Pay what u want @ Bandcamp.

04 トランスワープ LFO
06 ユニマトリックス DAT
08 DS10 アシッドプラズマインジェクタ




Device: PSP3000CPU system clock frequency 1–333MHz
Main Program: Littlepiggytracker 8 monophonic 16Bit/44.1Khz stereo sample playback channels, OSC capable

10-year cycle completion album


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This is absolutely my cup of tea.


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I say we must linkeljetek some nanoloopu.


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Thank you friends heart