Has anyone had experience with a gba that's got a lot of hiss and the led won't stop flickering between red and green?

I haven't used it in years and now it's started doing this. Could it be a dirty battery connector or something?


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Ahhh I think my hang up was from not turning off the gate bit. This is super helpful!

I'll be making defmon acid in no time!


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I'm having the most difficulty with the adsr registers. Can't seem to get anything but a full sustain envelope going.


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Any good resources on programming the sid registers? I understand some of how it works, but I really want a better understanding on creating sounds with the sid chip.

So far defmon is pretty fun and easy to use!


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frantic wrote:

For quite a while I've been thinking about making a series of instruction videos on youtube or something, possibly even two: One about how the SID works in general, and one about how to use defMON. Main obstacle is actually that I don't have a video camera.

I definitely support this idea. You could always screencap VICE and explain through captions for a video guide.


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well damn i was reading up on the frequency tables and was going to mess around with it today haha.

smile now i HAVE to really sit down and learn defmon.


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Woah. That's a lot more intricate than I expected. Would I need to edit the slide frequency tables as well?

I'll have to dig into this a bit more. It was really easy to tune to NTSC with GT lol.


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frantic wrote:

It hasn't been tested on NTSC during development, so it may not work, but on the other hand there are no obvious reasons for why it couldn't work or so. Also, setting VICE to NTSC mode and starting defMON didn't produce any obvious errors when I tried it a minute ago, but I didn't test much.

The frequency table used for notes is for PAL though, and not NTSC, so note frequencies will be a little off if played together with some other instrument that has standard tuning (where A = 440hz).

Did you run into some particular problem or what is the reason for your post?

No real particular reason. Interested in trying it out on my c64. Could I edit the frequency tables of defmon to be correct? I did that on GoatTracker a few years ago and it worked out fine.

Very interested in pairing c64 with my x0xb0x. I know defmon can sync well with other hardware


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anyone used defmon on an ntsc machine before?

Moriadri wrote:

I dont know if this was asked before but, there is any tutorial or book about LSDJ with instrument setting presets to make for example flute sounds and things like that ? I love touch all options, but dont like spend 3 hours for "find" horse diying instruments.

http://littlesounddj.wikia.com/wiki/Tra … nd_Patches

This might help you out a bit.

4mat is the 4mat of chipmusic.

I think some of the punk ethos extends into chipmusic. Especially with live events. It's very DIY-centric like punk has always been. Maybe it's not so DIY on the hardware end these days, but it's not like the punks are out there building their own amps and guitars.

Worlds collide though. The last couple punk bands I've seen/played with had chip dudes. Didn't get to meet the chip guy playing sax for a punk band unfortunately. I was really really bummed to not hear punk sax solo sad

an0va wrote:

Thirding Greenleaf and also adding this little-scale release which was a HUGE inspiration for me: http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2010/0 … -2010.html

+1 for little-scale. Dynasty is another good one.

http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2015/1 … nasty.html


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I think I heard an Anamanaguchi song on someone's myspace profile around 2006-2007ish. I'd always loved game music so I thought it was cool and looked up more stuff. I found Disasterpeace's myspace not long after that which lead me to Pause and eventually other netlabels like 8bitpeoples. Somewhere in there I found 8bc and started getting involved and wanted to learn tracker music (and music in general really).

JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

But I would like to add that regarding the pricing of VSTi, sometimes it not what a VSTi is worth that matters but rather how the developer can move the most units (make the most sales) in the fastest possible time (during the hype phase) in order to maximise profit, which can be used to pay programmers for the next project....personally, I would buy plogue chipsounds today if it was £25, tomorrow if it was £40, but as it stands at £75.60 I'm thinking...yeah...maybe in a couple of months.

Chipsounds is a pretty good deal for all the ground it covers. 15 soundchips that are accurately and authentically replicated. Not a lot of other chip VSTs can really say that. Chipsounds is one of the few that takes the weird quirks into account (I know SIDizer emulates some SID bugs. Emulates just SID and costs $50). Not to mention Chipsounds appeals to a really niche crowd? If you're going for big bucks you'd want to market your product more towards the EDM goons or to a niche crowd that has more money than the lo-fi nerds.

For all the research and development that went into Chipsounds $75 doesn't really seem like asking for too much. Gotta take advantage of those currency changes man. Read the news, keep up.

I have a 51 minute drone song that I never released somewhere on this computer.

I never really have a limit. A song's done when it feels done whether it be a minute or an hour.