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Awesome! I'll have to get on it tonight. Thank you Darenager



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Set up a blank phrase, chain,  and  instrument. Crank the tempo and jam. You can also use the arrows and the number pad to compose, pair that with Super game boy 2 and have a good time


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anybody play with this yet?

MR-16 ver 0.92
It is a 16 step 4ch rhythm machine using MegaDrive PCM.
Number of patterns 4 Total 64 steps.


testing now.

There's at least one other lurking in the shadows, so not too many shows, bit of a noise scene, but people dig the chips when they here em.


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I'm sold

I was just thinking about this the other day! Could make some big sounds, try it out with like programs 1st. Honestly though outside of poly-rhythms or making real chords across LSDJ channels...wait, that's a good enough reason to do it.

Timbob wrote:

It is, after a small mod.
Out of the box: no..


I totally missed this!

Did you just make your own wide boy? Cause awesome!


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NoyzBotChip wrote:

I don't think oliver made a nintendo boot version of the 1.7.6 rom. Why would you desire this?

Well in Earnest just to use nanoloop with super gameboy.I like a large screen with larger speakers sometimes. I can live without out it, but I'd like it.


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Anyone seen a rom to restore Nintendo boot instead of  "hello"?


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Ladies and Gentleman take a gander over here
Techno Motor is a saturn based music generator, break your memory carts out, and take it for a spin!


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danimal cannon wrote:

get this siq tshirt to go along with it

https://cashinculture.3dcartstores.com/ … p_773.html

I really hadn't seen it, does the shirt come in polyester? It makes the puke easier to clean.


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http://www.cashinculture.com/Chip-Maest … p_763.html

These guys have it

you could drop $30 and change for a Super Gameboy 2. Go for this drop in, or try you luck with this
http://web.archive.org/web/200202241815 … /SGB_comm/

to round of this story, turns out if I press reset a few times it my INL cart boots clear, same thing with my everdrive after I put fresh os or files. Something with capacitor discharge...Science! Another note INL has cart shells!