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Thanks for the replies guys! You all will be the first to know when I list them for sale. I'll stay away from ebay for now.


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Hey guys/gals,

I have a MIDINes 1.1.0(gray cart), LSDJMC2(Lowgain model with 2 MIDI thru ports/NES controller graphics/Certificate of Authenticity/Manual), Prophet64 + Firestarter Prophet64 MIDI interface, and Nanoloop 2.2 I'd like to see go to good homes. I'm not sure how much any of these things are worth as I haven't seen any of them sell in a while. I'm looking for fair market prices. This isn't a for sale post, just an inquiry. I'll post these for sale once I have an idea of what they're worth. Thanks!

Hey Yogi,

Thanks for your replies. I ended up breadboarding a minimal arduino uno circuit and went from there. Much easier than editing a bunch of code that I didn't write! Thanks again!

Yo Seb, could you point me in the direction I need to head to get this working with a Teensy 2.0? I have a couple and I'd like to use one for this project but I suspect the pins are a little different from what's written in your code. I could go line by line but I thought you might have a better option. Thanks for this killer work. I'm super stoked to be using my SMS for music now!

Hey Seb, I sent you an email but you never responded...  Have you sent out my interface yet?  I was part of the first wave from way back when...  If you have, I haven't received it.  I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't received theirs yet.

Nope.  I sent Seb an email but haven't heard back.

Hey Yerzmyey, Great release!  Also, I've got a Timex/Sinclair 1000 and I'd love to get a hold of a MR.X interface or the other ZonX interface.  Could you give me anymore info on how to purchase one of these?  Thanks!

XyNo wrote:

How many Mb or Ram in your STe ?!


Commodore Amiga 1200 w/ mouse, PSU, Internal IDE2CF with 4GB CF card.  WB 3.0 ROMS/WB 3.1 Installed on CF card, Pile of trackers on disk.  $300 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … ga1200.JPG

Atari 1040 STe, Latest TOS ROMS, Pile of games on disk, blank disks, composite video out mod.  $300 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … 040STe.JPG
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … ackSTe.JPG

Atari 600xl, Dual Pokey mod (similar to SID2SID), 64k Memory expansion, external Floppy drive, PSU(for both drive and computer), Wizztronics MIDIMax MIDI interface/Manual/Sequencer Program, Music Composer Cart/Manual, Music Construction Set Floppy Disk/Manual, All original documents.  $200 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … i600xl.JPG

Apple //c, PSU/mouse/joystick, Music Construction Set Disk/Manual, D.M.S. Digital Music Syntheziser/D.M.S. Drummer Disk(double sided), Apple //c manual.  $150 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … 3A%3Ac.JPG

Stock Speak & Spell, Original box/Manuals, Vowel Power Cart/Manual, Noun Endings Cart/Manual.  $50 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … 6Spell.JPG

Timex Sinclair 1000, Original box/Manuals, 2 16k RAM Modules, 2 Cassette Programs.  $50 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … ir1000.JPG

Amiga 2000 w/ mouse/keyboard, WB 3.1 ROMS/WB 3.1 disk set, A2091 SCSI/RAM expansion Card w/ latest ROMs and software disk, CD ROM Drive w/ software disk.  $300 + Shipping

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35172300/Compu … ga2000.JPG

Prices are negotiable but only for serious offers, NO TRADES, Shipping to US only, ALL Computers NTSC, Well taken care of and all working perfectly.  I'm located in Seattle, WA.

Thanks for checking this out!  I have a few more items I'll post soon.

[edit]email me offers/questions: barryATgamesambaDOTcom

PM'd about Zelda:Minish Cap

arfink wrote:

Just FYI, it is possible to hook up the screen to a simple 5v input, and then this can in turn be put in parallel with the NES's 5v system. That way you can just use the regular PSU and don't have to use two.

  I wouldn't use the stock NES adapter for this.  It would put too much load on the PSU.  You're gonna want to have at least a 1A current for this (unless the stock NES adapter has that already...  I can't remember.)  Either way, you're going to want more current than you would if it were just the NES.  Especially for batteries.


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Awol wrote:

Someone on the English Amiga Board linked me to this one.

i bought that exact one and use a 4GB sandisk in my A1200 and it works perfectly...  for what it's worth.


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I never do this shit but I might as well seeing as I haven't posted anything since last spring...

1. Family Tree - Miss Butters
2. Skip Bifferty - s/t
3. The Tokens - Intercourse
4. Beach Boys - SMiLE (see 'o' tunes bootleg vinyl)
5. The Cure - Head on the Door
6. Tages - Studio
7. The Kinks - Great Lost Kinks Album
8. Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake up it's Tomorrow
9. Tomorrow feat. Keith West - s/t
10. Nirvana(UK) - All of Us
11. Nirvana(UK) - Story of Simon Simopath
12. Yardbirds - Little Games
13. Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request
14. Colours - s/t
15. Del Shannon - The Further Adventures of Charles Westover

There are a shit ton more but these were the first to pop into my head...  except for the Cure, these are all late 60's popsike...  As you can tell, I'm a little obsessed.  What's worse is I own all these on vinyl.  >.<

U.D.A. vinyl please!!!


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I'm very interested in this as well.  I've been looking for schematics for one of these for quite a while.  I have one of those universal multi sync monitor cables from Best Electronics for my 1040STe but it doesn't work without a scandoubler...  real lame.