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Hello! My second full-length release came out on Hel Audio today, on cassette and download. You can listen and buy via Hel's Bandcamp or directly. Cassettes come with a free download via Bandcamp, and if you buy a cassette in the next month you'll also get a free mixtape by me (on cassette, old school) of tracks that influenced the record.

This one's a bit more spacey and less chippy than the previous out, but amongst the layers of synths you'll hear some Piggy Tracker and Renoise rhythm programming in there smile

Hope you enjoy. Really proud of this one.

Lazerbeat wrote:

Matt Nida also in London?

Yes, he is!

Short notice, but I'm playing a set at the inaugural Be Bold Beats at the Bohemia Cafe in Hackney tomorrow night (Friday 13th June - bodes well).

Free entry! Also on the bill is Lisa Schumann, who I collaborated with for the Policy of Truth cover on the new 8 Bit Operators Depeche Mode album.

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1425187284422706/
Come on down if you're at a loose end in London.


I shall bookmark this post, and the next time anyone posts a "why does nothing ever happen in London" thread I shall spam the link repeatedly.

Bumping, on the grounds that this will be awesome.

Come on guys, where's all the Londoners? Show yourselves!

Whaddya know, Renoise loads 8SVX files natively. Hooray!

All these incredible sample libraries from Adrdesign are, more than anything else right now, wanting to make me buy an Amiga.


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What Peter said. See filter type to FF and use it as an EQ to roll off any unnecessary low-end that sludges everything up.

(And then render stems and mix in Ableton, hehe)


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Blimey, I love this. Proper old-school IDM (if that's not an insult).

As per the subject line, really. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Weeklybeats 2012, and learned so much through being forced to write a track per week (even if I only cleared about 30 or so). And hearing what everyone else was cooking up was an absolute joy.

What chances a revival in 2014?


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Really happy to get this out! Hope you enjoy...


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Just done this and it seems to work pretty well so far, apart from OSX's annoying habit of littering external drives with .files everywhere. One Pig installation to rule them all!


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Right, finally got round to ordering a micro usb drive thing (32GB) so I can have a go at doing this with my Mac and my Caanoo. I rather like the idea of keeping one sample library and just plugging into either my Mac or my portable depending on what I want to track with. Will report back...


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Very excited about listening to this. I literally can't get enough late 90s IDM/demoscene crossover stuff in my life right now.


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Love the original, love this. Great stuff.

(By coincidence, I was thinking the other day that you could do a mean cover of Reich's drumming where all the drum hits are sliced from classic/iconic/cliched breakbeats such as the amen and programmed in Milkytracker. Happy for someone else to do the hard work though!!)