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BitPop wrote:

Another vote for Model 500. Still sounds cool as.

To be honest, every vote should be for Model 500.

I've only heard the "Smooth mix" of The Chase, this one is so much cooler!


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It's all about:

Model 500: No UFO's


MK: Burning (Vibe mix)


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bleo wrote:

I recently downloaded a megapack of like 500 tuba samples

This sentence alone makes me incredibly excited about hearing new music from you!


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Finally got this all set-up last night, although it's lacking a decent USB hub and a couple of audio leads.

Top row - Roland TR-707, Yamaha TQ-5 (lovely little FM synth/sound module) and a Tapco Mix100 that I'm using as a sub-mixer for all modules / drum machines.

Middle row - Macbook running Renoise, Reaktor and LGPT, Korg Kaoss KP3 and a Korg Electribe ES-1.

Bottom - Evolution MK361-c keyboard controller, Korg Nanokontrol and Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet.

On the right - Soundcraft Compact 4 mixer, with an M-Audio Transit interface on the record bus to get audio in and out of the computer. Tucked round the back is an M-Audio Uno midi interface getting MIDI from the computer to all the modules.

Not pictured: Korg Nanokey + Nanopad, Gameboys running LSDJ and NL (1.2, 1.3 and 2.3) and a PSP running LGPT.

It's taken me ages to build a rig that I can just sit down and *play*, without having to re-plug everything every time!

I might be being thick here, but has Neil Voss released any of his Gameboy stuff anywhere? Nullsleep put a recording on Twitter of the tune he also does on the Blip 07 DVD. Would love to get a HQ version if possible.


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I'm on @mattnida.

I'm very excited about this. I've done a few Arduino projects in the past, but the Arduinome has always looked well outside my comfort zone given the expense of getting all the materials together. This looks like a solution that could be both simpler to assemble and cheaper. Looking forward to seeing more!


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smh has been doing some amazing stuff with ImpulseTracker:

Agree with Akira's shout for Motone, his grasp of texture is incredible.


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If you haven't heard Saitone's Overlapping Spiral album, you haven't lived. Fact.


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minusbaby wrote:

Hell yeah.

"Byt & E" by Syntech
From "By Trial and Error" [1989]

Woo! Love some italo.


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My absolute number one dream feature for LGPT would be configurable NNA options ala Renoise or (I think) ImpulseTracker. Would make working with pad/orchestral sounds a LOT more straightforward.

I'm getting the best results making beat/melody loops in Renoise then exporting to WAV and cutting up in Piggy Tracker. Best of all worlds!


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minusbaby wrote:

"Inner Citee Color Reprise" by Jimmy Edgar
From “Bounce, Make Model” [2004]

Jimmy Edgar FTW.

By the way, that Syntech track Minusbaby put on his Tumblr a while back was the nuts as well.