Tape arrived yesterday! Looks great, and filed proudly alongside my Hel Audio and Digital Tapes smile

Downstate - hope you didn't think I was accusing you of being derivative, been listening to your stuff for years and your fingerprints are all over this! The sound's a very good fit for you. Keep up the good work...

Listened to this last night and it's absolutely ace. Straight from the Tri Angle / Evian Christ playbook, but with a melodic intent and attention to detail that eludes many people who attempt to nail this sound. Superb stuff, and looking forward to receiving the tape!!


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Mooninite! I had no idea you were on here. Your Hel Audio tape made my top 10 last year: https://twitter.com/mattnida/status/285701920964886530


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As per the subject line. Sounds amazing.
https://soundcloud.com/legowelt-officia … mmodore-64
(his Amiga+808 album Amiga Railroad Adventures remains one of my favourite LPs ever.)

I love that poster so much.


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Renoise is wonderful. Most of my Weeklybeats tunes from last year were made using it...

Oh *nice*. Love your stuff.


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egr wrote:

I just posted a request/question about this on the renoise forum.  Usually they respond very quickly so we'll see.

http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/top … fications/
Theres already some resposes to check.  smile

Good work! Was about to do the same...

I'm sure XRNI is at the top of no-one's wishlist, but it would tally very nicely with how I'm using Piggy these days - as both a sketchpad and live tool for projects I either start in LGPT and finish in Renoise, or vice versa smile


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I didn't test this on renoise, but have you tried exporting a sample with this calculator thing on piggy? Does it click on the looping point?

I had a quick look at it. It works very nicely; the looper in Renoise basically builds some extra audio information at the end of the sample and then calculates some seamless loop start and end points.

I've loaded some 'treated' samples from Renoise into Piggy; you have to translate the loop start and end points from hex or something into whatever Piggy needs which is fiddly, but it works fine. However, it would be a *lot* quicker if Piggy could just read the XRNI metadata wink


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Is there a convenient way to make Soundfonts on Mac OSX? I rather like the idea of compiling instruments myself on my laptop then loading into Piggy.

Basic XRNI support would be lovely (esp given Renoise's new seamless looping calculator thing, which makes non-clicking loops ridiculously super-easy) but a long shot, I appreciate...


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Amazing live set, and amazing new forum. A good day for Piggin'!

Blimey, this Aliceffekt set is amazing.

This stream is absolutely fantastic. The music's not bad either smile


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Excuse the shameless pluggery, but here's a full liveset I played with just PSP Piggy and a Kaoss Pad last week: http://soundcloud.com/mattnida/live-at- … k-05-09-12


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ryba wrote:

Also I improved this method to use it as SYNC 24 (or DIN SYNC) signal.
This is for syncing LGPT with device,that can accept Sync 24 signal.

That is AMAZING! So a pre-amp and a cheap Sync24 to MIDI box and you've got cross-platform Piggy MIDI sync. Amazing work!!