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Love the original, love this. Great stuff.

(By coincidence, I was thinking the other day that you could do a mean cover of Reich's drumming where all the drum hits are sliced from classic/iconic/cliched breakbeats such as the amen and programmed in Milkytracker. Happy for someone else to do the hard work though!!)


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Are there any big pros/cons to using a USB stuck on the Caanoo over SD?

The idea of having a single stick that I can use to Pig on my Mac + on my portable is very attractive... I feel like half my time is spent syncing sample libraries.


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That is a bloody good idea. *ponders*

Did we ever find out AlbinoGhostMonkey's whereabouts?


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Bought this yesterday. Not gone too deep with it yet, but at first glance I can see myself using this a LOT. Loads of options and can be pleasingly subtle - most crushers I've used go WAY over the top in obliterating everything, whereas this is much more musical. Excellent stuff.


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I tried and tried with PSPSeq. It has an INCREDIBLE synth engine, in the pre-iOS days probably the best on any mobile platform. But the sequencer is a bloody nightmare. All those gorgeous sounds, and a total headache to do anything interesting with them.


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This by me: https://soundcloud.com/cheapbeatsmusic/ … -theory-ep

Coming soon via the marvellous guys at Cheapbeats.

Christ, those bass tones are WET. Absolutely lovely stuff. *hopes patiently for Mac port*


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Really excited for this!


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Bought. This is absolutely gorgeous.


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I quite like this. Got a Bizarre Love Triangle thing going on which is always nice.

Seeing them in London in May...


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poke-1,170 wrote:

crucnh, haven't heard of them. Should look that up smile was also a big fan of arovane, too bad the guy quit.


Apologies for further derailing your thread. Still listening to Virtigo almost daily, BTW. It's wonderful.


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I rather like the previews of Exai, sounds a little more in keeping with the earlier stuff (which I *adore*).

Was also a big fan of Crunch back in the day, whose take on this sort of sound was a little more overtly melodic. Their first album was terrific.


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Bumping this again just because I can't stop listening to this. Comfortably the best thing the chipscene ** has thrown up so far this decade, and deserving of a much wider audience.

** or whatever your preferred term


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Bloody hell, this is astonishing. (And really making me feel hopelessly inadequate about everything I'm working on myself at the minute.)

TONIGHT!! Do come along.