This looks pretty good. You should all come.


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Bought! Superb stuff.


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TOGETHER. At last. Incredible tune.


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Bumped. I know I'm on it, but given the enormous amount of effort Steve and Jake put into this, along with the SUPERLATIVE line-up (and me), it really deserves more than 3 replies. Download this NOW.

That was so much fun. Huge thanks to the awesome Tokyo chip crew for having me!

I am so excited about playing this. Continues my lucky hit-rate of bluffing my way onto amazing lineups full of awesome people....! (Plus it's exactly one week after my wedding....!)


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PS. Jean Michel Jarre was making seapunk before most of you were born. Behold:


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Anything off Tri-Angle records is ace.

Salem leave me cold.

I'm suspicious of anyone who includes geometric shapes in their name.

The "F*** Dance Let's Art" compilation that K7 put out a couple of year back nods in this direction and is very good indeed.

That is all.


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By popper do you mean looper?

The Behringer send/receive is post-fade, which means it's only useful for effects with "add" something to the sound - e.g. delays, reverbs, etc. Anything which modifies / cuts into the sound itself (e.g. filters, loopers, eq etc) won't work - you'll get the "doubling" of FX and clean you describe.


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akira^8GB wrote:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Good god.

You should all come to this. It'll be very good indeed.


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Okay, this album's a couple of years old, and I've been banging the drum about it to all and sundry ever since, but it's now available digitally for the first time ever and it's a bargain at €3.49: … adventures

You owe it to yourself to buy this. Entirely made on an Amiga 1200 running Octamed, slaved to an 808 for beats, filtered through an MS20 and various effects boxes for murk. This album alone made me hit sample-based tracking in a big way again. Legowelt is a genius, and this is his best album.

Jellica wrote:

you should change matt to BLEEPSTREET REC because he looks kinda lonely on metrodub

Quite comfortable where I am, thank you. *sits in awkward silence, checks phone for messages*

akira^8GB wrote:

Well invite us to play and we'll go tongue

I'll second that. Willing to travel!

Woah! Honoured to have made your top 5. Thank you so much!


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Any word on diagnosing / solving these bugs? They're really frustrating.

(I offer very little in the way of technical know-how here, but am happy to throw some money at the problem.)