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STereochan wrote:

Surely there must be a reason peeps keep coming back to check in - maybe there's a new wave of artists coming

I sure hope so or maybe artists like me are coming back to it.


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I drifted away after 2015ish. Got my start in 2011 In the budding chipthrash scene but that kind of collapsed in on itself due to egos and drama. I moved on to using Logic Pro but just recently dusted off my gameboy. I will say I was shocked at how things changed and how fractured everything has gotten. I think it’s like everything else though. It comes in waves and right now we are waiting for the next. I plan on playing more shows than ever before and I’m hoping in my area I can build a budding scene but we shall see


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Hey all. This is my bands new EP. Check it out leave some love https://optimuschad.bandcamp.com/album/ … om-the-top


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egr wrote:

Hell yeah! Checking this out on my lunch break today.



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New album from yours truly! Less thrashy than my other releases and a little more EDM. Hope you enjoy the songs



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thank you so much I will try it!!


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I recently got the new Bennvenn carts with the BennVenn Gen2 Linker.....I was under the impression that it would just be plug in play once I plugged my gameboy in...I know now that is not that case and I have to hold start to get it to show up as a USB drive on my computer. I tried dragging and dropping a sav file, I tried dragging and dropping it while renaming it LSDJ.SAV and I tried deleting the SRAM.sav and renaming the sav file to SRAM.SAV....I have not gotten a single sav file to transfer. I also can't find any guides online.

I am running Windows 8 and have tried on a Gameboy color Any help or guides would be very welcome!!


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Has anyone had any luck getting the sav manager to run on windows 8 or am I missing something?


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I tried to download Da Chip Volume 2 and the link is copyright restricted. Can anyone send me a different link or upload it for me?


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no offense to Oliver I love his programs. But they seem really testy with different computers. Sometimes I get it to work with the command prompts but sometimes it just doesn't enjoy what I am doing. I can't complain too much I do enjoy the new features and it makes it easier to use just wish I could delete banks like I can in Nanoloop 2.1 where I can just save over them.


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I guess the only thing I don't like about nanoloop 1.6 is I can't erase entire banks and it doesn't seem like I can transfer empty banks either to overwrite songs I don't care for that I wrote. Has anyone have any ideas on how to either erase songs, erase all data or how to send a blank.nl1 file that nanoloop will take?


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Timbob wrote:

I don't get why you have to put a / before nlmidi to get it to work.. but it seems to help run the program

therefor I suggest you also put a / before the gb file.
Could be some path issue

so /nlmidi04 -send /nanoloop163a.gb

might be worth a try

Thank you so much!!!! This worked great


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to be honest could some explain this to me from the start. I don't understand command prompts at all. I want the non scrolling logo rom  and I thought since I put it on C: right next to the nlmidi04 program that it would work but each time it says file not found. I attached a image that shows my shitty command skills as well as my c: directory


if someone could just tell me what I am doing wrong along with text that shows me what to enter that would be awesome smile


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I don't understand how to use nlmidi to send or get songs or how to update the rom. Whenever I open the nlmidi04.exe it closes right away. When I open the command batch file all it does is keep scrolling. I really have no clue what I am doing wrong and I also don't remember it being this hard to send information. Any help would be much appreciated.

Bamboori wrote:

well there are other programs which sound good enough on gba or are exclusively for gba anyways wink
also there would be the moral issue of sending a chinese company lsdj.

yeah cuz they can't by the rom themselves for 5 bucks and mass produce it or anything....


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I live in Albany and I buy my gameboys from just one guy who has good quality stuff everytime and I pay no more than 25 bucks per original gameboy.